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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2256794
Daily Flash Fiction 8/18/21 W/C 300


“Do you know what this means?” I paced the floor.

“Chaos, anarchy, total collapse of civilization?”

“No, go further.”

“I can’t think beyond the total collapse of civilization.”

Thoughts came to me in a blur, too fast to tell anyone. Long moments passed. John sat patiently, watching me. Finally I could put it into words.

“Total domination of the universe.” My eyes gazed upward.

John followed my gaze. “That’s a pretty big job. I think someone else has it well in hand.”

“No, John. Earth is just a small part of the plan. I want to go further, into outer space. Beyond the limits of gravity and atmosphere, those annoying laws that tie us to this place.”

“Okay…So you want to conquer an unknown world in the vast universe.” John looked at his watch. “When are they coming to pick you up?”

I sat down on the couch. “I’m all packed. They’ll be here at 0800, comrade,”

John patted my hand. “You just wait here quietly. I’ll call the spaceship and let them know you’re ready.”

I sat and waited, 0800 came and went. Perhaps I had the wrong day. John came in again.

“Okay, Gabe. I think the ship was delayed. Time to go back to your room.”

“No, just a little while longer. Their time isn’t our time, that whole space-time continuum thing you know.”

“Right. Gabe, time to go.”

John walked me to my room. When we got there, a representative of the spaceship was waiting.


“I know, I was delayed. I’m all packed.”

John stared at the representative, unable to speak or move.

“Pasierawenr? Teamrnalweknr.”

“No, he won’t be coming. He doesn’t believe.”


“Are you sure he won’t remember?”

John awoke to an empty room and Gabe’s note. ‘Gone -see you soon!’
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