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inspired by the nursery rhyme "The North Wind Doth Blow"
Unsuspecting mouse, while roaming the house
was spied by the resident cat, poor thing.
The mouse tried to run but by swat was stunned
now he's just bones left in some scat, poor thing!

Into strong spider's web of silken threads
the unlucky little bird flew, poor thing.
It didn't fight so it was wrapped up tight
and left hanging in a cocoon, poor thing!

He followed the woman through darkened street
she was unaware he was there, poor thing.
Slashed through the throat, she was thrown in the moat
after he cut off all her hair, poor thing!

Written For: "Monsters Under The Bed August Contest
Prompt: Using the poem "The North Wind Doth Blow" 1. Keep "poor thing" in the second line of your poem.
         2. Maintain the Syllable count: 10, 10, 10, 10.
         2a. You may write up to three stanzas, a total of 12 lines.
         3. Put your own dark twist on the poem.
         Your version can be mysterious, dark, or horror.
Line Count: 12
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