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What happens when a man wants a necklace, even if it meant murder maybe, to get it back?
Written by Alison

Chapter one
Samuel, a fourteen-year-old boy now, living with his dad in the remote inn they planned to stay in on for vacation; placed in Dallas, Texas. Sam was shivering in his bed, for not cold, but sad; heartbroken. His father, a fifty-four-year-old man, had just told him heartbroken news. He told him that his mother was brutally murdered by a man—they don’t know who—when Samuel was just three, and he, Sam, his father told him, was there to witness it. The news was told just now to him, around 7pm, it was now 10pm, so just three hours ago. His father left him alone to himself.
The remote inn, a tall, brown, brick two-story cabin, it reminded Samuel of Abraham Lincoln's cabin somehow. He and his father picked a good spot, trees, a forest, no neighbors---just them and the house. They moved into it two weeks ago, and Sam was loving it. But Samuel was the kind of kid who was sensitive, cried over everything mostly, and got mad easily. Maybe it was just puberty? Oh, and yes, he gets happy quickly. You'd think if you seen him for the first time, he has autism, but that's not the case. He was just a normal boy like everyone else was.
Samuel had always wondered what happened to his mother, or if he even had one. He’d always see other kids in his eighth grade run up to their mothers and parents, some even ignore them completely (typical teenage stuff). But when Sam would ask his dad where his mom was, his father always refused to tell him after fourteen years. And now, here he is… crying over his mother’s tragic death.
Sam asked if it was ever shown on the news, but Dad said no. His mother was only fifty-two when she was stabbed. Sam’s mother was stabbed three times in the chest, blood spilled all over the kitchen floor. And he had to witness it alone, because his father was out at work. He then came back home to see the bloody mess then.
Sam had witnessed it all his father had said to him that night, but he couldn’t remember it. He was barely three, after all, so of course not, thankfully.
But why now would he tell me? Eh, better now… than… than never, Samuel thought. He had never heard such horrible news. He just thought those murderous things were to the movies. So as Sam thought and cried, his white-cased phone buzzed up a notification.
He grabbed the phone, sighing out of sadness, off the white-sheeted bed sheet and looked at the alert. It was from Alison, his childhood best friend. They’d been friends for some time, around six years now. Sam looked at the text message on Google Hangouts she texted him on.

Alison: Hey. Wanna go out to the park tomorrow??

Samuel wiped away his tears from his leaking blue eyes and smiled. He texted back, Sure. I’d like that.

Alison: Okay, Sam. See ya tomorrows!

Sam smiled again and swiped his blonde hair away from his pale, grimy face. He definitely needed a shower from the messy hair he was having today. His smile quickly faded away into a frown as his mind shifted to his poor dead mother again.
A knock on his bedroom door alerted him. He set down his phone and yelled, “C-Come in!” His voice was a little slow and stuttering from sobbing.
The door opened wide and in came his dad. The dad went over to him and set down a small box on the bed. He didn’t sit down, though, just stood.
“What’s this?” Samuel asked.
“Uh… look, Sammy, I’m sorry for not telling you sooner about the whole mother thing. I know it was sudden. But I think your mother wanted you to have this…”
Sam grabbed the box from the bed and opened it vertically. He gasped. “It’s… a necklace?” he questioned. He looked at the shiny, silver necklace in front of his eyes, in a white, blue seated box. It had a ruby gem, the rarest of them all in fact, engraved at the bottom of it. Sam thought of detaching it, because it looked it, but he hesitated and decided not to instead.
The dad nodded. “It’s um, a family heirloom. Your mom wanted me to give it to you after you turned fifteen, but uh”—he laughed—”I’ll just give it to ya now.” He ruffled his son’s short hair.
Sam sighed. “Uh, thanks Dad. I-I need to be alone now, if you don’t mind.”
Dad smiled and nodded. “Yes, yes, I understand. I didn’t tell you about this because I didn’t know the—”
“Just go, Dad, please.”
The father left and closed the door.
Sam sighed again and looked down at his striped pajamas. He didn’t know what to think, he just sat there in silence, hearing bird chirpings outside in the moonlight nighttime sky.
He slipped out of his slippers and got into bed, pulling the covers up over his head, and went to sleep.
Outside his forgetful opened window, there was a man spying on the kid. He smirked. He knew what he’d wanted, but the kid, no one but him knew what it was. He chuckled to himself.
Oh boy, that man was going to steal the necklace even if that meant killing someone that boy loved.

Chapter two
Samuel and Alison met at at the park, they were sitting on the cool blue bench beside a tree. Sam was a little sad that he’d left his father all alone, without his knowing, but quickly forgot about the thought while the six-am morning sun blared in his eyes, making him squint.
Alison sighed. “So, what did you wanna say to me?”
Sam hesitated. “Um… so you know how.. uh,” He was a little hesitant about saying this to her. “Uh, you know that I told you I didn’t have a mom, or I’ve never seen her before?”
Alison nodded. “Did you find out she was sick?”
Samuel shook his head. He felt tears coming but fought them back into the sockets. He took a breath. “Um. No, I uh, I found out that… she got stabbed…”
Alison didn’t know what to say. “What? How- what?”
Sam sighed. He brushed the tears away from his eyes. “I found out that my mother got murdered when I was three by my dad. Dad told me. My dad said I was there to witness it.”
“Oh my god. That’s horrible! When did he tell you this?”
“L-last night…”
Alison hugged her friend. She wasn’t the one to hug anybody, but she felt the need to now, while her hair was all messy from the wind.
After they hugged, Sam said thank you and wondered if he’d show the necklace to her now. He debated on it and decided not to yet.
Alison patted Sam’s back. “I uh, hope you’re okay,” She didn’t really know how to start up another conversation after that news. “Wanna go home?”
Sam nodded. “My dad’s expecting me I bet. I gotta go. Bye!” Samuel stood up and waved to Alison goodbye. He ran off back to his house.

Alison sighed and stood up too. But then something strange happened. A man walked up to her as she was about to walk away.
“Um, hello uh, sir?” Alison said, looking up at the man. She noticed his pale skin face, and his white tee-shirt he wore.
The man adjusted his black, short shorts. He coughed. He looked down at the girl, seeing her blonde hair and black glasses. She wore a yellow shirt with her favorite music artist’s logo on the front of it.
“Hello, miss. I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with that friend of yours. Hm, what was it? His mother or something?”
Alison knew she shouldn’t be talking to this man but decided she didn’t have anywhere to be so she decided to just take a chance. Maybe he was nice and just wanted a friend. “Yeah! Yeah um, we were just talking about uh, his mother. And how she died and stuff, ya know? Kinda sad.”
The brown-haired man nodded. He liked this girl already. “Let me ask, do you have any desire to let me know what you wanna be when you grow up?”
Alison smiled. She likes questions about herself. “Yeah. I like writing stories. So I wanna be an author when I grow up! And sorry if I uh, uh, uh, kinda stutter. I think I have communication issues or something. Heheh..”
The man smiled. “That’s all right.” He laughed. “Well uh, stories, you say? What kind?”
“Um… horror I guess. I gotta get back to my home now. I’ll maybe see you around!” Alison hurried off down the sidewalk. Damn it, why did I talk to that man! He looked like an alcoholic or something. He probably is..
Alison kept on running to her house. Good thing I didn’t give him my name…
The man smiled and walked off, chuckling to himself.

Chapter three
Samuel sighed. He didn’t tell Alison about the necklace yet. He wondered why he didn’t tell her, the necklace was right there in—
The doorbell rang. He got up from his bed and Samuel went downstairs to his front door. Samuel knew it wasn’t the right time to answer the door, but he was eager to since his father wasn’t home.
Sam opened the door and found Alison crying on the steps. Tears flooded her face and hair that was in the way, getting the blonde strands wet. Sam asked what was wrong.
“I… I…” Alison had trouble speaking when she’d cry, which made her frustrated when people were worried and asked.
Samuel invited Alison in and they sat down on the couch. “What’s wrong? Why are there cuts on your face?”
Alison tried to speak but she couldn’t. She grabbed her yellow-cased phone and went to the “Notes” app and typed out what she was trying to say. At least she brought her phone.
When she was done, she showed Sam the message. I was attacked by this man when I was coming over here to check on you. He had a knife and a mean look. I think it was the same guy who tried talking to me yesterday.
“What do you mean he tried talking to you?”
Alison sniffled up boogers. She deleted the text and wrote a new one; A man while you were gone talked to me, asking me stuff. I think he heard our conversation we had, about your mom. I think he wants to get me. He sliced at my cheek a little while coming over here. Alison held up the phone to let her friend see the message.
Sam gasped. He saw the red mark on Alison’s left cheek. He cried a little. “So… so you talked to the man yesterday? While I left?”
Alison nodded. She took a deep breath. Her voice was shaking while she was trying to say her words. “I um, knew I wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers but I thought it was worth a try; but it went downhill apparently. He wasn’t nice. He… he… he tried to kill me, Sam!” Alison choked on her spit. She cried more.
Samuel hugged Alison while Alison sobbed in his blue shirt. He shushed her. “It’s… it’s all right, Al. I’m not gonna let you get hurt.”
Alison sniffled. She nodded. Her black glasses had fallen off her nose. Sam picked them up off the wooden floor and handed them to his friend.
Alison put them on.
“Wanna try going to the park again? I’ll stay with you and tell my dad too.”
Alison nodded. “Tomorrow?”
Samuel smiled and nodded. “I’ve got something to show you tomorrow too,”
Alison looked up at Sam’s blue eyes. He was rather handsome all around she must say. “What?”
Sam chuckled. “You’ll see,”
Alison took a deep breath again and sighed it out. “Can I uh, sleep over?”
Samuel nodded. “I’ll tell my dad everything that happened. I’m sure he’ll understand.”
Alison nodded slowly. “L-Let’s go play something.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, a board game?”
“It’s 2018, no one plays board games anymore, Alison,”
Alison chuckled. “But I wanna play! Come on!”
Even though Alison was a year older than Sam, Sam couldn’t refuse that cute braced-smile she had. He gave in and played Candyland all afternoon.
Alison smiled as Sam got out a bandage for her cheek. She thanked him for being so kind.
“No problem. A friend’s gotta help each other, right?” He winked at her. Alison laughed. She was feeling much better. She asked Sam if he was better.
Sam said he was “eh.”
They played the kids’ board game until Samuel’s dad got home from work, right around 4pm. It was before 3pm.
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