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“I don’t like it. Now they’re moving in some boxes.”

George didn’t say a word.

“And now they’re moving out some boxes.”

George continued to read the paper.

“Someone is putting out the garbage can.”

George sipped his coffee.

“A person is putting a big black garbage bag in the garbage can.”

The dog came to me with the leash.

“They’re behaving suspiciously.”

“The dog needs to go out. Why don’t you go check them out, Sherlock.”

“Are you being sarcastic?” I asked.

“No, I’m hungry, and that drama is keeping our dinner from being fixed. You are transfixed about the comings and goings of strangers across the street. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation.”

“No amount of explaining for that big garbage bag. It’s probably a dead person.”

“Out, get out and check. Marie, I’ll start the food. You take the dog. Go make some friends. Be nosey. You’re good at that.”

George practically pushed me out the door with our little poodle. So I acted all nonchalant, walked to that house.

“Hi there! You must be from across the street. We’re just moving in. Mercy, the mess inside. Bags and bags of trash. I’m John, by the way.” He stuck out a big hand, shook my hand furiously, made a fuss over my dog. “Wanna come inside? Wife’s in there. She’ll be glad to meet you, it’s been some time since she’s had a neighbor lady to talk to. We just love this place. You married? Well, bring the hubby over sometime so we can all get to know each other…” And on it went. I had to politely bow out to get back to George.

“I thought they kidnapped you. What’s the deal?” George stirred something that smelled wonderful.

“I don’t know, I think they’re too nice.”

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