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Anil and Rita did not had a happy marriage life.
Without any screams or fight, it was not Anil's house.

He was a moody person since childhood. Gradually, he turned to be a real aggressive man. He always tried to force his thoughts on other people. But no one ever had paid heed to him as he wanted.

People said that he'll grow up to be a criminal but he hadn't done anything wrong like a crime. In fact, he was against the use of violence. But his rude behaviour frustrated his parents so much that they decided to get him married.

Rita was a kind-hearted woman who had always listened to her elders for any advice. She had been taught that after marriage, the husband will be her be all and end all. She always had fancy notions about her marriage and her married life.

There's a saying that in youth, when people love each other, they forget all their shortcomings.
Rita liked Anil when she saw him first time in her college canteen. Maybe, 'a love at first sight'.
So, her parents agreed and she married Anil in summer.

The marriage was not as good as one should expect. On the onset, they both loved each other and even prepared gifts at random occasions.
Everyday, Rita would cook food, wash clothes, clean the house and do other household chores. Anil would go to office and bring flowers for his wife.

Once, Rita asked her husband for a vacuum cleaner so it would become easy for her to clean, but Anil denied. At once, he scratched his head and threw the glass hard on the floor and directly went inside his room. Seeing his reaction, she was a bit scared thus she decided to leave the topic.

The next day, he came back from the office in a happy mood when she asked him to take her somewhere out as she felt bored doing the same task daily.

Anil had an opinion that girls should remain in house and do all the household chores by herself. Rita was different. Infuriated by this, Anil shouted at her again. Rita stepped back. Her voice became weak and she began to fumble. She asked once again but more politely.

Hearing the same plee again, his eyes and cheeks became red and he grabbed her long hair in his fist. He dragged her and took a full round of the house asking if she is satisfied now or not. Rita began shouting and screaming and rebelling. It was difficult for him to control her.

So, he threw a glass on the floor which broke into pieces. He grabbed her hand and pushed her down on the glass pieces. The glass poked inside her soft back and blood started to flow out heavily. But he wasn't satisfied yet. He took the electric kettle filled with boiling water and poured all on her legs. They created immense bruises all over. All he wanted was to tell her that she couldn't step out from home any longer. Thus, he left her to dither.

After an hour when he felt hungry, he came to look for her and realized that she had already collapsed.

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