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by Lamia
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Just a bit of writing from an roleplay I'm doing with friends.
(Please note that in the context of the rp certain events or character backstories are tweaked a bit, though for the most part I just intend it as a standalone thing I wanted to share of my writing)

”Even if no one else will, I acknowledge you, My friend”

The hooded woman stood in the rain with a smile. It was such a contraindication, but she did enjoy the rain, it was calming, soothing… It reminded her of her friend.


The image of an emerald haired girl crossed her mind, crossing mud filled roads under the rain, delivering a message to that clown of a maiden, that time bomb waiting to happen. A message to spark chaos, a message to spark change. A message to turn heads and make things happen.

”I’m sorry, to put such a dangerous task to you…. It’s shameful, what we must do, but we must, so that one day… our dream, our collective dream can come true”

It wasn’t something she could say readily in front of her friend, for it would be to show weakness she could never show again.

She wondered a moment, if she knew anyway.

She trusted no one but her, she hated everyone but her.

They grew together, they trained together… there was no one she believed in more to get the job done, no matter what.

She looked up to the moon, as the rain began to settle down, a rare smile settled on a girl who was always filled with fire.

”Come back soon Emerald”

Together, she knew

They would make that dream a reality.

A wildfire through the world.
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