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Looking for a writing partner! Willing to pay for Upgraded Membership in exchange
Hello! I am seeking a partnership with another site member to help me with my writing projects, such as interactives, campfires, etc. In exchange for said partner's help, I am willing to pay for a full 1 year Upgraded Membership for that WDC member, and perhaps can help them with their own works from time to time as well. Any WDC member may apply, but I do have a few ground rules.

1. In order to be considered for the position, you must be at least a decent writer yourself. I'm not asking for professional published authors, but I expect your work to be at least understandable and have a decent length. No super short additions to my stories, or anything like that.

2. I strongly suggest taking a look at my portfolio before applying. This is so you get a feel for what my stories are typically like, and to see if you share the same interests. I want you to enjoy working with me, so if you're not into monsters, anthros, and RPG type stories, you need not apply.

3. That said, however, I might try some new things once in a while, write about a totally different topic to shake things up. Therefore, you must be willing to adapt and try something different as well. If I ask you to add to a particular storyline, you should at minimum give it a go, you might like it. If you're really not comfortable writing about something, just say so.

I hope whoever reads this will consider my offer, and to hear from you soon.

Happy Writing!
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