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Sammy goes on a date with the love of her life, but forgets one major caveat.

Word Count:1026 words

RING! The bell had just rang for 7th period. Sammy gracefully put on her backpack and fast-walked out of the room to meet up with Jack, the hottest boy ever. He had dark skin, an amazing body build with a great contrast of slim and muscular, and the perfect outfit. A blue and black button down shirt with a white undershirt, blue jeans, and black Converse All-Stars. Sammy was daydreaming of the boy as she dashed through the halls to find him. They had conversed on meeting at the west parking lot at Jack's red Ford F-150. The car had been used by him for at least two years and it still looked brand new! This really was the love of Sammy's life.

Sammy didn't know about Jack that much yet. They had met 2 weeks ago but didn't meet often. Jack was a Senior while Sammy was close to the end of her Sophomore year. She really wanted to see him more, but Jack had plans and Sammy did to. That was why tonight would be perfect. Today was a mildly humid Friday with the bright sun and ocean blue sky. Sammy reached the door leading to the west parking lot. She was wearing a simple fleece shirt with a big red heart on it and pants with holes all over. (That was the trend nowadays.) She also had Converse All-Stars, but in the white color. Jack was standing near his truck, waiting for Sammy. Sammy saw Jack and felt so much excitement and glee, her head turned hot red as if she just ate a ghost pepper. "Hello there, Sammy! Ready to have some steak and good ol' greens?" Jack joked.

"Well why not, Jack? You seem awfully excited about this...don't worry. I am the same way right now. The restaurant is quite glorious for a steak house," Sammy remarked.

"Sure is. Let's get rollin'!"


The ride to the steakhouse begun. The truck started up with a triplet rhythm and off they went. A long and tedious converstation occured during their ride.

"So, you've had steak before, right? It is such a perfect dish full of delicous fat and perfect seasoning!" Sarah said.

"Yeah...err-steak sure is grrreat! Ever had squash before? It's a nice veggie to eat, and you can make mock up spaghetti with it," Jack responded.

"Squash! That's great for your body! Although, you answered my steak question not in the most promising way. You not telling me something?"

"No! I am telling you the honest truth! Don't want to screw up our date, right?"


"Listen, you'll love th-OH!"

Jack almost ran past a red light. He was starting to breath a little heavier and was sweating, having trouble keeping his hands on the wheel like he was supposed to.

"That was a close one for sure."

"You look stressed, Jack. You know you can talk to me about this stuff, right? We've done this before...."

"Nah, I'm good. I am just thinking about what to order."

They arrived at the steakhouse. It had an old style to it. Brick walls, heavy antique doors, tons of windows...it was Sammy's favorite style of housing and furniture. The inside was like a typical waiting area. Multiple bright red couches were cluttered in a corner with a white board saying: "Waiting Area! Please wait to be brought here." The desk up front was black wood with the satisfying bumps and lines that most likely held the thing together. "Hello! Welcome to Bob's Steak and Grill. How many we serving today?" The Waiter announced. "Two, please," Sammy replied. They were bought to the waiting area. Their estimated waiting time was 10 minutes. When Jack and Sammy sat down together, Jack was fidgeting his fingers and his pupils were moving left to right, analyzing the environment. All of these meat eaters. It freaks me out. I've never had meat, nor have I had steak. Just pretend to eat it, Jack thought. Sammy's hand was on his shoulder. Jack was startled by the motion and jumped momentairly. Sammy looked curious...analytic. She was thinking, with her hand under her chin. They had a table ready.

The waiting for food was silent. It wasn't until the Waiter asked for their food. They both ordered the Grand Mushroom Steak Platter, a steak platter with steak, corn, carrots, and mushrooms and provolone cheese covering the steak. It sounded like a Philly Cheese Steak without the sandwich. Once the food came out, they ate. Sammy was enjoying her steak while staying as clean as possible, while Jack was taking small bites, trying not to throw up while eating. He chowed down the vegatables, but not the steak. He was feeling more sweat and tension as he ate. "Jack." Jack saw Sammy give the stare. The stare that could read minds. "You're not eating the steak with a feeling of enjoyment, are you?" Sammy concluded. Jack took a deep breath and confessed.
"...I'm vegan."

"Hmm...guess what?" Sammy teased.

"Um-" Jack sputtered.

"It's all okay. You could've just told me what was going on. They do have some nice vegatable based dishes here, including a vegan steak!"

"I didn't want to ruin our date. I thought revealing my vegan tastes would make me lose you. A lot of my past ladies left when I told them I am vegan."

"It doesn't matter to me. I am not a picky lady who thinks what their man eats is a big deal. You must have chose some weird ones."

"I sure did!"

"Well, tell me anything like this when you need to, okay? I want to know you, and you have to be verbal."

"I understand. I am just a stubborn man with tight feelings."

"Alright, alright. Want to finish off with some dessert? Go have fun?"

"Yeah! You know I'll get those brownies..."

"Shut up!"

The date had a slight mishap, but Sammy still got to know Jack a little more than before. At the park, they had a one on one about feelings. Sammy had a great day with Jack. Now she knows for sure Jack is vegan.

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