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Two very different meanings which are often misunderstood in relationships.
People always toss
the word around
“I love you” in relationships
but it doesn’t really mean much
because anyone can say it to anyone;
And the majority of people who do,
have no clue what it means.

It’s a word used so callously,
more than it is meaningfully.
It's when you get to the point
of telling the person that
"I'm in love with you,"
which makes the biggest
difference in the world.

Many think the
courtship ends
when they say I do.
It's only the beginning of
a marriage or relationship
which is a lifetime of courting.
It never ends.

Once it does, the relationship
usually falls apart.
So there is a huge difference
between saying "I Love You"
compared to
"I'm In Love With You."
In any relationship.

It’s what I tell my wife everyday.


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