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When Rock mocks his sister's feet, she grants him the privilege of suffering under them.
         “Where did all this dust come from?”

         Sighing, Roll kept sweeping the floors of her home. Every floor was to be cleaned from corner to corner by the end of the day, a standard she held herself to. She picked up her left foot, slapping the bottom of it.

         “Come on, get off.”

         As the dust rained to the ground, Roll took a detour to her bedroom’s closet. Out came her heavy, red boots. The feet crept into their metal prisons, with Roll flexing her toes in delight.

         “That’ll fix things.”

         Once the robot girl exited her room, she nearly tore her yellow hair out. Greyed footprints decorated the floors leading up to her current position. A long day awaited Roll.

         Nine hours of non-stop cleaning finally came to an end. Poor Roll went through six E Tank cans to keep herself in operation, and yet her body still ended up drained of energy. Finally, her aching legs sagged inwards, sending her to collapse onto the freshly-polished floor.

         Looking at her reflection, she said, “Just a little rest….”

         Dangling her legs from a counter, Roll refilled an empty E Tank with a different fluid. One that would further reduce her energy, allowing her functions to shut down for the evening. As the tangy substance entered her system, Roll softly groaned. After all that time on her feet, they were starting to throb just as badly as her legs. Those air-tight shoes were no place for a pair of feet to sit for nine consecutive hours.

         Roll began to remove one of the bulky boots but stopped herself halfway.

         “I’m just gonna end up making more heavy footprints.”

         “What’s that?”

         The E Tank left Roll’s grip, and her brother began to drink what remained of the liquid. Much of it missed his lips, instead splashing onto his body and the floor.

         “Hey! I just mopped!” Roll screamed.

         Rock shrugged. “You act like it’s a lot. I can clean it in seconds.”

         “If that’s the case….”

         Both of Roll’s boots hit the floor with such force, it made the E Tank spill even more liquid over her brother. She walked in circles, planting her feet deeply into the tile. Each time a sole came up, a steamy and blackish footprint remained in its spot.

         “Enjoy scrubbing this up, Rock.”

         Rock continued to sip out the nearly-empty can, not having much of a reaction to his sister. Little did he know just how much frustration had been bubbling up in Roll.

         Sick of this losing battle, Roll turned to head to bed.


         “Gross!!” Rock shrieked.

         Roll spun back around, hands on her hips. She just assumed it was the aftertaste of the fluid that made her brother yell. But no, his fingers pinched his nose.

         “Why do your feet always smell so bad?”

         Roll’s jaw dropped. “They do NOT.”

         “Yeah, they do. You ever think this is why no guy wants you?”

         Roll looked down at her black-painted toes. Her toes were slimy as they wiggled against one another, and even she couldn’t deny the existence of a foul odour. Even if her feet had a smell problem, the last thing Roll needed was to be teased about it.

         “Please just stop talking.”

         “I mean,” he continued, “You can clean everything but can’t even keep your feet fresh.”

         Roll covered her ears and marched out to one of the balconies. Rock, chuckling all the while, tailed right behind her. He had an endless arsenal of critiques to fling his sibling’s way. From saying her feet smelt like nasty cheese to joking about her unmenacing face, Rock only continued to ramp things up.

         The irritated girl grabbed her broom, breathing heavily. “One more word about me or my feet, and I’m using this.”

         “Oh no, the broom of doom!” Rock laughed himself to the floor. “Maybe you can use it to sweep all that dirt off your garbage-smelling feet.”


         Rock hit the ledge of the balcony back-first, with bristles of the broom floating around the air. As Roll shortened the distance between them, she came to a halt. She also raised an eyebrow, waiting for Rock to react to her knocking him down a peg. But no response came.

         “… I feel so slow,” Rock groaned.

         A smirk overtook Roll’s face. “And this is why I never take other peoples’ drinks, dummy.”

         The chemicals and mixtures in that formula would set Rock to sleep in potentially 20 minutes based on how much he consumed. The longest chance he had, Roll estimated to be 40 minutes. A brother who couldn’t move at all. Oh, what an interesting scenario this could make for.

         “Since you’re SO obsessed with me cleaning my ‘stinky’ feet….”

         Now sitting, she hovered her right foot in front of Rock’s face.

         “Why don’t you take the load off my shoulders, brother?”

         With the limited motor functions he had, he stuck his middle finger up. “Make me, sis.”

         Not the best thing to say to someone who had him at her mercy. Roll followed her brother’s request and shoved her big toe in his mouth. It pushed itself into the top of his tongue, pinching it.

         Rock refused to give up fighting. He bit down on his sister’s toe like a savage animal. His reward? Getting a hard jab to the nose with the handle of Roll’s broom.

         “You wanna try that again? Lick!” Roll ordered.

         With Rock’s lack of body energy, access to any function that could increase his defence or endurance failed to open. With no other choice, Rock sucked on Roll’s big toe. His tongue collected a patch of dirt from the toe, and tiny particles ended up underneath his tongue.

         Roll tapped her broom, watching Rock’s every move. Seeing his head bobbing back and forth on her foot put a smile on her face. For once, power sat in her favour.

         “How’s it taste?”

         “Terrible,” Rock grumbled.

         His eyes widened upon catching his sister swinging her broom back like a pool stick.

         “I’m sorry, what was that?” Roll asked with a grin.

         Rock licked against her big toe. “I said bearable. Your feet are…bearable.”

         Roll moved her foot upwards, leading Rock to have to lick underneath her filthy toes. The dirt build-up hadn’t been quite as bad here as on her big toe alone, but there were undoubtedly some unwelcome elements; one was a tiny, dirtied piece of paper under her toes that entered Rock’s mouth. If biting made Roll mad, spitting was definitely a no-go. Feeling powerless, Rock took a gulp of the dirt.

         I’m gonna get her back for this someday. Just gotta think of how, he thought.

         Rock’s tongue then focused on the rest of Roll’s foot. The side of it got some attention, followed by the extensively long sole. This thing looked as if it were painted with dirt. Painted specifically, as the sweat from Roll’s boots had caused the dirt to loosen up and almost liquify. Rock no longer had his eyes open, unable to bear the sight of his happy sister torturing him.

         “Alright, suck the rest of my toes.”

         While she got her four other toes sucked, Roll released her broom on her lap and began massaging her legs. This was the real pleasure she deserved after working herself to pieces. A warm mouth treated her sweaty feet, while her warm hands got her sore legs. Perfectly balanced.

         She wiggled her toes in Rock’s mouth, snickering to herself at the silly image. “Tell me they’re cute, Rock.”

         “They’re cute…” he muttered.

         “Nope, nope. Say it loud and proud. Tell me how much you love them.”

         Rock started losing track of time with how long he’d had his sister’s disgusting foot on his face. But maybe if he pleased her, she’d make this punishment fly by quicker. And then she could help him with his odd inactive state.

         “You have the cutest feet I’ve seen, Roll. I love your beautiful feet.”

         While Rock’s dignity shrivelled, Roll’s confidence blew up. After so long of her brother insulting her feet, she finally got him to compliment them. Even if under the threat of violence, a compliment was a compliment.

         “Thank you. Now show my other foot some affection.”

         Roll brought her right foot up while her left foot sat on Rock’s motionless leg, toes curling back and forth. Her right toes fanned out, revealing a tiny hill of dust and grime clinging in between her big and second toe. Ooh, this was going to be fun.

         “Lick there first,” she said, pointing to that spot.

         I hate you sometimes, sis… Rock thought.

         Following her command, his tongue darted between her toes. A sour taste immediately sent a shiver up the boy’s spine as the rough, fudgy texture of dirt tainted his tastebuds. Like the dirt on the other foot, however, he couldn’t just spit it out. Lest he tried his sister for a final time. Rock slowly rewound his tongue, chewing the toe grime mildly and swallowing it.

         “That tickles!” Roll said, wiggling her fingers.

         Instead of focusing primarily on licking the toes, Roll concentrated on the rest of her foot getting some action.

         “Alright, Rock. Smell my foot.”

         Rock got a clear enough whiff of his sister’s feet while they were in the kitchen. For all he knew, an up-close sniff would be enough to melt his insides.

         “Please don’t make me…” he pleaded, speech slowing down.

         In a flash, the sole was kissing Rock’s nose. Once he took his first breath on it, he wanted to scream. Roll’s sweaty, filthy foot smelt like she hadn’t washed them in weeks. A very intense odour that, for better or for worse, was certainly unique to her.

         The wind sent Roll into a fit of laughter as it tickled her foot. The laughter quickly subsided and warped into sighs of relief when Rock’s tongue went back to work. With all that talking he did, it was no wonder his mouth had yet to get tired.

         She looked out towards the horizon, observing the sun set on the city around them. Such a beautiful scene complimented by the beautiful treatment this mechanical beauty was receiving. Her heel was in the middle of being sucked on when all of a sudden, the suction got weaker and weaker.

         Roll moved her foot off Rock’s face. There, her brother lay utterly non-functional.

         “Aw, I wanted to humiliate you some more.”

         She lifted her immobile brother and dragged him back inside. Once Rock was placed in his bed, Roll skipped her way into her own room. Tuckered out, she shut her eyes and landed on her own soft mattress. Before ultimately going to sleep, she rubbed her feet together. A naughty thought entered the android’s mind. If she could force Rock to repeat what happened this evening, that would be amazing.
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