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Let's talk about HOT SAUCE the fiery food.
         Let's talk about HOT SAUCE the fiery food. Peppers will most certainly bite back with a big zing, and I can guarantee it. Peppers pack the heat that always returns the flavor. The human race has been using chili peppers and other hot spices in their cooking for thousands of years. The very first bottle of hot sauces first became available on the market place in 1807. Tabasco sauce was one of the earliest brands of hot sauce which was first introduce back in 1868, and is still the13th best selling condiment in America.

         The Chili pepper is typically the main ingredient in hot sauce along with vinegar and salt. However a variety of peppers are also used which include cayenne, habanero, jalapeno, and many more. There are thousands of different names for hot sauce out there on the market today. Some have rather funny names like Funky Monkey Sauce, Zombie Repellent, Bite Me, and Zack's Zombie Sauce. Some have rather serious names like Pain 100%, Ed's Red Hot Sauce, and Habanero Hot Sauce from Hell. I always preferred more the traditional brands of hot sauce like Pete's Hot Sauce, and Louisiana Hot Sauce with the red dot.

         Let's talk about HEAT now. I'm talking about the type of heat that enters your mouth as you are eating your eggs with hot sauce poured on them. There are many different levels of heat that the peppers used in hot sauce emit, and back in 1912 Wilbur Scoville developed the Scoville heat index for measuring the heat level in peppers. Back then it was subjective to a human taste test, but since this test has been refined by the use of HPLC. This unit is named in honor of its inventor.

         The heat index is used to officially test the pungency level of any given pepper. The Scoville Scale remains the most respected and used around the world. The greater the number of Scoville units, the hotter the pepper. The smaller the number of Scotville units then the cooler the pepper is. The heat can vary from pepper to pepper since peppers are a natural product of nature, so this scale is simply just a guide.

         Believe it or not a man who calls himself the L.A. Beast recently attempted to drink a whole entire gallon of hot sauce. His challenge attracted millions of views on YouTube, and was quite a show, however even with a fire extinguisher near by, the human body wasn't really designed for this type of punishment. This feat was a lot harder than the L.A. Beast originally thought, and you can also catch the show on YouTube.

         Hot sauce isn't the only thing that comes from out of a pepper. Pepper-mania has really spread itself across this country. You can find everything from hot pepper festivals to a Chili cook off which will really put some fire in your mouth. The next time you want to spice up your meal, don't forget a bottle of the Funky Monkey Hot Sauce.

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