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Ekphrastic poem inspired by the monochrome ink drawing "Sinking in the Dark" by Benson Koo
DDPC Aug2021 Prompt

"Sinking in the Dark" by Benson Koo

We never asked her name

         after "Sinking in the Dark" by Benson Koo

screams filled the air
coming out of nowhere
we looked here
we looked there
we dared not turn around

she stood rigid in place
mask off her face
arsenic, old lace
grimace? just a trace
hands and feet tightly bound

did we know her shame
did we share her blame
at whom did she aim
we never asked her name
but — that unholy scream

and her shrieks
as her bones creaked
ichor splashing on our cheeks
with the reeking smell of rotting leeks
how her screams still slash our dreams

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20 lines.rhyme scheme: aaaab ccccb dddde ffffe

Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest  (13+)
Round 47 Open for Octoberfest. Featured in the Contest Challenge
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