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A poem about love that has passed
Your voice still echoes in my mind
Calling to me from a long-forgotten time
Your words still give me strength

We’ve not talked in years
not quite sure why
Still, my heart remembers you

We were friends once upon a time
You were the hero
And I the damsel in distress

If you could only see me now
No prince needed here anymore
You taught me how to fight for myself

I’m fighting my demons and foes
I’m being the Hero
Like you knew I could be

When I didn’t believe,
When I didn’t dare hope
When the whole world seemed dark

You showed me that life
Was something worth fighting for
No matter how dark it got

So it’s no surprise your voice
Still lingers in my soul
Giving me hope

I hope one day
We can be friends again

I hope one day
To hear you call my name

I hope one day
I find the courage
To tell you all of this

If you could only see me now
If you could only hear my call
Maybe then
we could be heroes together
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