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A poem about the afterlife.
I'm dead
Not real
Can't feel
It's not a phase
I swear I'm insane
What was that?!
Just the haunts in my head
Spirits stuck in endless turmoil
I'm stuck in the south side of heaven
The north side of hell
I swear it's purgatory
These wrongs committed
Untold, unforgiven
Where do I go
What can I do
I sigh
Sometimes cry
Because when you're dead no one knows
How you feel
What you say
Am I real
I can't feel
Lost in the sound of voices in my head
I swear I'm dead
Seein' darkness
No more reds
Greens, yellows, blues
No more you
Or me
Is it true?
Am I in the south side of heaven?
The place where spirits walk
But are dead and can't leave
I breathe
My heart beats
I can feel it in my chest
I still have my feet
They're set in stone
Can't walk
Can't run
Out of time
But I'm not the only one
I breathe
Because I'm sinking
I didn't know what I was thinking
I'm lost again
Where was I?
I remember flying
A dream
Or was it a hall
Full of echoes of a dying age
I know they hear me
I see them shouting
But I'm still drowning
The south side of heaven won't let go
I'm breathing
But not debriefing
On my state of mind
Like time
Going fast
Going slow
Am I real
I don't know
But I'm here
Possible futures
Loving memories or endless nightmares
I can't choose
I'm stuck
I need help
I scream and beg for it
But no one hears
I'm lost in the south side of heaven
The north side of hell
Lost in the dark without a light
I can see
I'm here
You're there
I'm alive
But dead inside
I cry
I feel
I'm not real
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