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Nicola gets stopped by border patrol.

“Ms. Nicola Graven?” asked an official voice. She looked up from her phone to find a border control officer beside her.
“Please bring your luggage and follow me.”
Nicola resisted the urge to ask questions and did so.
When they got to a more private area, the officer lifted her cases one by one onto a table.
“This is a mistake,” she stammered.
“Just routine. Did you pack these bags yourself? Did anyone other than yourself put anything in them?”
“Yes I packed these myself and no one added anything to them or asked me to carry anything for them.”
The border patrol officer searched all the bags with the help of a colleague.

“The RCMP asked us to be on the lookout for you. They believe your life may be in danger.”
“What? Who would do that?”
“Do you know a Davis Newly?”
Nicola steeled her features and calmed her trembling.
“No, should I?”
“He apparently knows you. The Mounties believe he’s out to kill you!”
Nicola took a deep breath and let it out.
“I was just leaving on an extended vacation. Will I have to cancel?”
“Apparently the Mounties just wanted to caution you.”

Nicola laughed throatily.
“It’s a European vacation! But if the boys in red serge are worried, maybe they should supply an escort!”
The border security laughed with her.
“You’re free to go, Ms. Graven,” the officers said and watched as she repacked and locked her cases.
“Thanks for your concern. Maybe I’ll see you when I get back.”
That wasn’t likely since this trip to Sweden was to finish her gender reassignment.
“In a way, my life as Davis Newly will be over for good after my procedures. Farewell, Davis Newly, mobster and hit man. Hello Nicola Graven, international woman of mystery!”

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