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An old favourite of mine. I always called it an apocalyptic love song.
Smile Pretty

Seasons change,
Put on a new face
You still taste the same,
In the same old place
Its time to leave this city,
Aren’t we bigger now?
I will find us some new streets!
I can’t tell you how
Won’t you smile pretty for me?

Maybe I was born in blue mind!
Seeing to save a day
Like apocalyptic landscape!
Just two horizons away
The storm’s coming closer!
No matter what they say
But you’re beside me!
So I can say that’s okay
Won’t you smile pretty for me?

Memories of love,
Real of imagined
And everyday I age just a little more
I want to live,
To see the spread of the magical
Before the beginning of the ending wars
I want to climb the highest tower found,
And take a look at the life living on the ground
Before anything
Won’t you smile pretty for me
Is there anything more beautiful while this planet still spins around?

We steal the blood
From the womb of us all
Turn it into poison and say that’s how we grow
We’re so indestructible,
We can run until the air fails
And if that happens tomorrow, they’d say how were we to know?
I’d see the world,
While I can still stand solid on my feet,
Before I go won’t you smile pretty for me
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