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a time capsule created for my family
Dear me,
if you're reading this now
You've lived almost thirty years
longer than anyone
thought you would be able to.

To my girls,
If you are reading this note instead
it's because Death had the last laugh,
or did I?
It means I am no longer in pain
or living a medicated life.

A lot is going on in this world right now
but I wanted to leave you with this
these memories of happier times.

Along with this letter, I have placed
some things that I hold dear
some little trinkets of meaning to me
in this two thousand twenty first year

Photos of you girls and Mark
loves that stand the test of time
each of you hold a piece of my heart
and memories sublime.

The little cat toy, a reminder of
the kitties who have claimed me
and recalls the amazing talent
of Kat my first born beauty.

this keychain of a tortoise
to renew memories of Dank
and for all the other herps
a lizard shaped coin bank

The little felted critter
on which Lucy toiled long
is yet another memory
that in this box belongs

For all the crazy doggos
who've been faithfully by our side
I've put in Chopper's collar
may that bond never subside

For Mark, I've placed this little heart
bandaged but still whole
a keepsake of our love
and my heart that he stole.

And finally, this video
of things I wanted to say
that I never got around to
put off for another day

Just know that I love you
in life and in death
and having you each in my life
was worth Every. Single. Breath.

Written For: "Promptly Poetry Challenge Week 13
Prompt: Remember 'time capsules'?
         Write a poem about what you'd put in one if
         you were to create one today.
Line Count: 51
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