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A tale written for the Unicorn, Bunny Writing Contest
         Once upon a time there was a bunny named Benjamin Bunny, a unicorn named Ariel and a colorful little troll named Fred. They were the best of friends, and they did everything together. They played together, worked together, ate their meals together, and even slept together under one roof. Ever since they were little they agreed about everything. That is except for one thing in life. It might seem silly, but to the three of them it was a serious matter.

         That serious matter was that all three of them had a different opinion on just what the flavor was of their favorite blue ice cream. If you ask them each six times then you would get six different answers, if not more. Benjamin Bunny would tell you that his blue ice cream cone tasted like almond one day and the next day he would tell you it tasted like it’s raspberry. Ariel the unicorn would tell you the blue ice cream cone tasted like it’s lemon on Monday, then on Friday say it tasted like it’s Froot Loops flavor. Fred the troll on the other hand no matter what day it was would tell his blue ice cream cone tasted like it’s cotton candy.

         That alluring hue of cosmic blue ice cream had it's secrets. The three of them would argue night and day just what flavor that blue ice cream was, and each of them may never get a straight answer from the other on this topic.On Benjamin Bunny's 21st Birthday the three of them really got into an argument over what was the correct flavor of good old blue ice cream. So when Benjamin Bunny blow the 21 candles out on his birthday cake he made a long wish. That wish was what exactly is the correct flavor of blue ice cream.

         The next day a fairy by the name of Fran in the form of a flying monkey paid Benjamin Bunny and his two friends a visit. Each of them were very surprised by the sight of this fairy. The fairy explained to them that blue ice cream had a different flavor to each individual who ate it. Fran the fairy told them that to her blue ice cream tasted just like hot apple pie. None of the three agreed with her, and they started a four way argument about what the correct flavor was of blue ice cream. They argued for the next three days about the flavor, until Fran finally said that she'd had enough. She spread her wings and flew off shaking her head.

         Now the three of them were alone with one another again, and they weren't any closer to agreeing on the flavor of blue ice then the man on the moon was. So they decided to call the manufacture of the blue ice cream and ask them what the flavor was. The company was out West somewhere near the desert. After a long wait for customer service a mild mannered man spoke up and said that the ice cream company couldn't give out the flavoring recipe, and that it is proprietary information. He went on to say that the formula for blue ice cream was locked up inside of a secure vault, and that he couldn't even look at it. The Ice cream company was very tight lipped about what the flavor was of the blue ice cream. He went on to say that no one can really pin down the exact flavor of blue ice cream.

         Benjamin Bunny, Ariel the unicorn and Fred the troll each looked at one another in amazement of how little help the ice cream company was, and realized that this was an argument that no one was about to win. So Ariel had an idea, if they were to remain friends then then they would have to choose a different flavor of ice cream to eat from now on. This proved to cause an argument between the three too. They were dead locked on which flavor would be their new ice cream.

         Fred the Troll wanted simple vanilla ice cream. Ariel the unicorn wanted rocky road flavored ice cream, and good old Benjamin Bunny wanted cherry flavored ice cream. Now you may asking yourself at this point why can't each of them chose a different flavor of ice cream to eat. Well that would be too easy, and they always had to eat the same thing. Well after a long debate the three of them finally decided on chocolate to be their new flavor of choice for ice cream. After all you can't confuse chocolate with any other flavor. This is where I am suppose to tell you that they lived happily ever after, but that would be a lie. That's because a hard headed unicorn, stubborn troll, and a simple minded bunny rabbit, who all spend so much time together, will always have something to argue about. The End

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