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Angel of Luck

They decided to go to Las Vegas for our getaway this year. I voted for Big Sky, Montana to ski, but no! Everyone else wanted to go to Vegas.

Our ladies group chooses a destination each year. We spend a few days, spend too much money, drink too much wine, and come home with lots of secrets. So my friends decided Vegas was the place this year.

They argued for the shows, the shopping, and the free food. A hotel they found was named ‘Crazy Ladies’. The reviews I found on Trip Advisor weren’t good, but Jane and Kay argued that the price made it worthwhile.

So we traveled to Sin City. And as feared, that hotel will not get a good review from me. I’ll spare the details. But I grabbed my disinfecting wipes before I touched a thing. Then I checked for bed bugs and dirty towels. The housekeepers probably hate me.

Our first trip was to a casino, of course. The Bellagio seemed over the top, to me. But Jane, Kay, and Helen loved all the excess the moment we walked in.

After we oohed and aahhed, we went to the Black Jack table. I’ve never played. But Jane and Kay dove right in. I wandered to another table.

So I gathered you need to play the dealer. And you need to get your cards to total 21. How hard can that be?

After three games and three losses, the dealer gave me an evil eye. Did I want to gamble more? Of course I did, I was mad now. How could such an idiotic game defeat me?

“Are you playing this game again?” asked Helen. She’d wandered over at the end of her money, evidently.

“I have to beat the dealer. Yes, I’m playing again. I’ve asked the angel of luck to come to me. Maybe I can win enough to pay for this blasted trip!”

Helen plastered a smile on her face, then walked away.

And don’t you know that little angel of luck did come to visit me. I won the next ten games in a row. They had to tell me to leave. I’d used up all my luck, it seems. Or at least that is what they kindly told me as I picked up my winnings. The table closed, some sort of scandal is what I heard.

Anyhoo, I went out of there with a cool chunk of change. I met Jane, Kay, and Helen outside.

“You ladies go on without me. I’m going to get my bags and check-in here. Have fun!” I walked with a saunter away from my friends.

I did enjoy the rest of my time in Las Vegas. I saw a Cirque du Soleil show. I enjoyed the Planetarium and Observatory. Then I did ‘Blackout Dining in the Dark’.

Strange idea for a restraurant - eating in the dark. Reminded me of being a kid and raiding the kitchen at night, afraid to turn on a light or you’d wake up the house.

But the more I thought about it, the more I enjoyed the concept. So I invested in that eatery. I own half the interest in the hottest fad in Vegas. My angel of luck is here to stay, I would say.

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