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What drew me to my love was home found in safe sky blue eyes, the windows of the soul.
Home in Your Eyes

Although battered by rough winds.
Never asked for steel wings.
Lovely butterfly wings only fly.
Reality proved too tough to cling.

I am soft, gauze tangled,
torn, bleeding and hopeless.
First, you unravel me gently.
Repair my tragic “holocaust’.

Pools of desire, I want to swim.
Float in your serenity, peace.
Calm liquid bathing my limbs.
Shelter from storms of a life.

I want to be born anew.
Blessed, saved, anointed.
A clean woman in sweet dew?
Virgin pearl fashioned by sand?

Protect me please, I beg you.
Life is a menagerie, a wildlife cage,
Clawing, wild unleashed rage.
You grow stronger, even with age.

I can hide in your soulful eyes.
See beauty, love and joy.
Unlike me, you prefer to see.
The best any person can be.

By Kathie Stehr
Edited November 12, 2021

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