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by Skel3
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Other · #2258066
A woman follows her cheating husband
This is the story of how I died, and it doesn't end pretty. You see, back then I thought he was cheating on me. He was always gone, always home late, and always had excuses. His occasional sneaking out in the middle of the night, wasn't doing much to help his case either. This night was no different. It was around one a.m., and I remember the time clearly. Once again, I was having trouble sleeping, tossing and turning, and too focused on the light of the alarm clock that sat on my bedside nightstand. Jessie, my husband of several years, was laying beside me. He was always so unusually quiet, and it was hard to tell if he was asleep or awake. A few minutes later, he slowly pulled himself out of bed. I continued to lay there pretending to be asleep.

Grabbing his clothes, a pair of old torn jeans and a stained white top, Jessie took them into the living room of our apartment. If he was cheating on me, he wasn't concerned with his appearance. This eased my thoughts a little, but he was up to something regardless. After he had gotten dressed, he left the apartment, shutting the door gently. I sat there alone in the dark, more frustrated now than I had been from the lack of sleep. Whatever he was up too, it was going to end now. Getting myself dressed, I tied my hair into a ponytail, and headed out the front door a few minutes behind him.

Our apartment was on the top floor, and I made my way towards the parking lot. Jessie must have been walking fast, because I didn’t see him. When I got to our parking space, I saw our car was still parked. Wherever he was going, it was going on foot. Figuring Jessie couldn’t have gone far, I headed across the street to the small convenience store, hoping that I’d find him there with just a really bad craving for junk food. The place did have killer burritos, and the man did eat a lot. However, much to my disappointment, he wasn’t anywhere near the store. Feeling defeated, I grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper off of one of the shelves, and took a sip. I also ate my way through several pieces of candy, and a bag of Doritos. Not finding Jessie, I counted my losses, and started to leave the store. “ Are you going to pay for that”, yelled the man at the register. By his tone, I could tell he was obviously having a bad night.

I had been so caught up on finding Jessie, that I nearly forgot to pay. Taking the last bit of money from my pocket, I quickly paid the man and headed out. I stood outside for a few moments, contemplating where to look next. Then, as if out of nowhere, I heard a high-pitched scream. It was coming from somewhere near the back alleys. The scream was distinctly female, and sounded panicked and shrilled. The hair on my arms stood up. At first, I thought that it might have been a couple of loud teenagers, out late and playing pranks. Also, loud noises weren’t entirely unusual in L.A. When the noise happened again, this time even louder, I knew I couldn’t ignore it. Instinctively, I reached for my phone, than quickly realized that I had left it back at the apartment. Cursing, I ran back into the store, hoping that I'd be able to use their phone to call for help instead. When I walked in, the man at the counter quickly turned me away, still upset I had almost walked out without paying.

Not wanting to waste time trying to explain, I hurried back out of the store. For a brief moment, I thought about going back to the apartment to grab my phone. As another blood curdling scream tore through the silence, I knew that wasn’t an option. Hoping there was still time, I headed towards the alley. I got about halfway there, before realizing that this probably wasn’t the brightest of my decisions. It was the middle of the night, and I had nothing to defend myself. When I finally reached the end of the Alley, I paused. Around the corner ahead of me, I could hear another noise. This time however, it wasn’t a scream, but something all too familiar.

At that moment my stomach twitched. I’d know that voice anywhere. Forgetting everything entirely, I eagerly made my way around the corner. That is when I found Jessie. He looked winded, and was panting heavily, as if he couldn’t breathe in the air around him fast enough. Every muscle in his body was rippling, twitching as if he had been in pain. My eyes needed some time to readjust, having trouble processing that he was also naked and bloody as well. His soft blue eyes, the one’s that I had fallen in love with countless times, were eying bitterly at himself in disgust. I soon saw the reason why. At his feet laid a woman, her throat was torn open, and she was bleeding to death. Jessie was standing over her, and it was clear where the blood on his body had come from. I held my breath. In that moment my mind raced. Was the person that I spent my life with, truly capable of this? And worse, how would he react if he saw me. It didn’t seem possible, and yet there was no denying what I was seeing. Jessie held the woman gently in his arms. He then whispered something in her ear. His voice was barely audible, and I couldn’t make out what he was saying. The woman’s eyes then became as wide as a dolls, and then I heard her neck as it snapped. Seeing this, I gasped, and though my breath was small, it seemed to shout through the alleyway.

Jessie quickly turned in my direction. Realizing my mistake, I cupped my hands over my mouth. In an attempt to make myself small, I knelt down against a nearby dumpster and shied myself away from the light as much as possible. Closing my eyes, I listened carefully to the sound of Jessie’s footsteps as he came closer. In my moments of fear, I thought of how familiar they sounded, the same soft rhythm he used whenever he walked around the apartment at night. Up until now, I had never noticed how beautiful, animal like, they really were. All at once the sound stopped. I felt him close, and refused to look him in the face. “ I thought I smelled you”, he whispered. He then grabbed my hand, and lifted me to my feet. I said nothing, and reluctantly willed my eyes to open. His eyes met with mine, greeting me with nothing but blue. Drowning in them, I almost forgot everything. Near tears, I leaned into him. It’s funny how your perception of safety can change after years of living with someone.

“ You killed her”. My voice was low, uttering no louder than a whisper. “ I had to. I had no choice”, he said. Though he sounded sincere, his answer coursed through me, destroying any thoughts of decency I had left in him. I pulled myself away, eying him with a newly found hate. “ What do you mean you didn’t have a choice". At this he grinned, smiling as if what I said had been some kind of inside joke. “ There’s no way you’d ever understand”. I refused to believe what I was hearing. We had known each other since we were kids. We were friends, lovers, and there was nothing I didn’t think he couldn’t tell me. “ Jessie, you’re naked, and I just watched you snap some girl’s neck like it was nothing. If there’s a justifiable reason, then please, enlighten me.

Once again, he smiled, touching my hair lightly. He then circled around me, eying me in a way that I had never seen before. It was animalistic, almost like the way a cat looks at a mouse just before they pounced. I started to feel cold, and my heart began beating faster. I never had a reason to be afraid of him before, but in that moment I was terrified. Slowly, he backed me against the side of a building, and held my arms tightly above my head. "I’m going to let you in on a little secret, darling, and when I do you are not to run ", he said. Terrified, I nodded. Jessie released my arms, backing off to view me more fully. "What if I told you that what happened to her was an accident, that I caught sight of her running, and lost control. What if this wasn't my fault, and that by the time I knew what I was doing it was too late. I had tasted her blood. I knew she'd …". He paused, realizing he was about to say too much.

Wanting to keep him talking, I placed a hand on his shoulder. " Jessie, what happened?". "Do you remember the night of my sixteenth birthday? When I told you I needed to leave home ", he began. I hesitated, caught off guard by the question. When I didn't say anything, Jessie’s eye's soon became desperate, clearly hoping that I still remembered. The fact was that I did, but I had never forgiven him for that night. "I remember ", I said finally. " You looked as bad as you did tonight with that girl. That night I begged you to stay with me. You refused, and we fought. That’s when you lied, and told me you wouldn‘t leave. I remember you only waited long enough for me to fall asleep. My parents were in the next room, and they didn't even know you had been there. Jessie, what does this have to do with the girl ?", I asked. Jessie placed a hand on the back of his neck, looking at me as if he was about to break everything he believed in. "That night was the first time it happened. I don't know if you remember, but there had been a full moon. I left work early that night, because I was starting to feel sick. My head hurt, and I couldn't catch my breath. About half-way home, I pulled my truck over, my stomach hurting so bad that it felt like I had eaten glass. It was agony, and I began coughing up blood.

I didn't know what was wrong with me, and I started to panic. Things around me started going hazy, followed by a wave of pain that I had never felt before. Next thing I remember, I was naked and covered in blood about half a mile from my truck. I walked back to it, and put on some extra clothes. I still didn't know where the blood had came from, and for the entire drive home my mind raced. I snuck into my house, and showered before my dad saw me. I knew if he saw the blood that he'd ask me about it. I didn’t have the answers then. Whatever happened to me, I knew I couldn't stay there. I left out my bedroom window, and that’s when I came to see you. Nicole, you know those stories about men becoming wolves, let's just say they’re true ". For a moment I wondered if I had heard him correctly. Then the look on his face told me that I had, and that he actually believed it. At that point I thought he had completely lost it. Jessie must have read into this, because he seemed to be pleading for anything to break the silence. "You mean like werewolves ?", I asked finally, now questioning my own sanity. Jessie nodded, still looking distressed. "Yes, and in case you’re wondering, I wasn't bitten. As It turns out it was once in my bloodline. It had died out, and then somehow started over with me. I guess I'm lucky that way", he said.

"Jessie, this is crazy. In fact, it's beyond crazy“, I said. Jessie exhaled, suddenly more serious than he had ever been. "Think about it, Nicole. I eat like crazy, and by the end of every two weeks I go pretty much insane. I act this way because I'm afraid to let you near me. Two weeks is a long time to be putting off something that should have been done days earlier. I know you’ve noticed this, you've looked to me questioning it”. My stomach grew sick, the reality in his words hitting me hard. He was right. I began backing myself away, my mind refusing to believe the connection. Seeing my panic, he reached out to touch me. I pulled back, feeling dizzy. "Nicole, don't do this ", he said, clearly shattered by my response.” Stay away from me". My voice was cold. The next thing I remember I was running.

When I finally stopped, I found myself standing in a storage yard of shipping containers. I leaned myself against one, feeling slightly nauseated, and out of breath. Between each container, bright yellow street lamps hummed loudly. Alone, I tried to calm my nerves. That is when I heard the sound of one of the metal roof's clanking above me. Staring up, my eyes met those of bright amber colored eyes, and teeth.
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