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Every city out there seems to have some kind of nickname.
         Every city in this big spinning world that we all live on seems to have a nickname of one sort or another. I was born in the great city of Baltimore, Maryland. A matter of fact my little sister and I were both born in the exact same hospital that Edgar Allen Poe died in, which is the very famous Church Home hospital. Baltimore is home to where the star spangled banner got it's roots from when Francis Scott Key was prisoner on a British ship. We love Chesapeake bay blue crabs covered with Old Bay seasoning, Our Orioles baseball team, and Ray Lewis and our Baltimore Ravens. I can't imagine being from anywhere else on the face of this earth. So it is very appropriate that Baltimore's nickname is "Charm city".

         Every city out there seems to have some kind of nickname for their appearance. Some of the more famous nicknames are - "The big apple" for New York city. "Bean town" for Boston, Massachusetts. "The windy city" for Chicago, Illinois. "The star city" for Roanoke, Virginia. "The city of brotherly love" for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "The city of Angels" for Los Angeles, California. "The gate city" for Greensboro, North Carolina. "The motor city" for Detroit, Michigan. "Tinsel town" for Hollywood, California. "The steel city" for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and "the music city" for Nashville, Tennessee.

         If you live in Charlotte, NC and it is The Queen City. The Holy city is Charleston, South Carolina. The city of Trees is Florence, SC. Las Vegas' nickname is Sin City. Denver it is known as the Mile High City, and don't forget that New Orleans is known as the Big Easy. Of coarse this is just a very very short list from off of the top of my head, and the nicknames for towns and cities are endless out there in America, and also in the world. So now it's your turn to tell us all the nickname to your hometown or city, and I know that there's only one "Charm city", and that's Baltimore, Maryland.

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