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Shark’s Teeth

“When the moon is full and the fish are jumping, then you need to find a shark’s tooth.”

Three little faces paid rapt attention to Miss Elaine in front of them.

“It’s part of magic.”

“So what happens after we find the tooth?” one little boy asked.

“Ahh, the magic begins. The tooth is the secret connection to all things wonderful. Sharks and dolphins, jellyfish and starfish, moray eels and ancient turtles.”

Miss Elaine led all three to the water’s edge. There they searched for a shark’s tooth for hours. While they searched, the moon rose on the horizon. Its pale light illuminated the quartet.

Splashing came from the water, they could see silhouettes of fish jumping in the moonlight.

“This is the time, my compatriots. Look closer, the tooth is hiding.”

Johnny was the first to spot the triangle-shaped tooth. “I found one, Miss Elaine!” He held it up to the moonlight.

“Now blessings are given to you. Walk into the water to meet the spirits.”

Soon Mary and Sally each held up a shark tooth.

“Into the water, my lovelies. Meet the spirits.”

Elaine held the hands of the children. The quartet waded into the waves. Soon the starfish appeared, then the moray eels. Large turtles floated nearby with jellyfish. Sharks and dolphins lingered in the deeper water.

“Now we’ll be one with the sea creatures. Deeper, go deeper.”

They waded into the ocean. Soon the water hid them. The sea animals disappeared as well.

They say on a moonlit night when the fish are jumping, you can find shark’s teeth on the beach. You may also hear the sound of children laughing.

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