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The infj mystical experience
As the mind sheilds,
The body.

My feet.

There is a stop,
To seeing underground?

I see the Light,
As it vibrates before me.

Asking the angles,
To bring my farhers light.

With no fear of the unknown,
To me it has never been a strager chasing demons at night.

My sheild absorbs,
Their shadow monsters as i walk through the night.

If you have no idea,
What "could have come over you"when it is seen before me?

I AM one poetic statement,
I present this gift in my plight.

Let the love of the earth,
Neutralize what is black in the pran.

Energy is not energy,
When their are not light breathtaking taking sights.

Energy is not energy,
In my Astral Sight.

I can see energy like a ghost,
And absorb its positive charge pulled through a shield into the yin.

The ball of clairsentent,
Your natural astral is PINK.

Branching out the chest
like lighning at its best.

I first noticed the breeze,
Could be stopped.

I had my first Attunment,
And slider charged sensitivity.
Every word of the experience,
Can be seen.
Ask yourself where do you see that,
I am the spirit world.
How does your soul light,
Belong in that.
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