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When we knew that XIX Commonwealth games are going to be held in Delhi in 2010.

“Everybody will hear about the Commonwealth Games and also about the arrangements, crowd and respect for the athletes in these games. But not everybody know about the motive of this game. It is the multi-sport platform to show everyone his ability at the Biggest International Level.
Commonwealth games were known also as the British Empire Games. These games were the first global sport event to feature same number of women and men in the events. These were the most inspiring and significant games of all time.
The creation of games was inspired by the Inter Empire Championships which was held in London. These games were founded as British Empire Games and were first hosted in Hamilton, Canada. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the evolution of games movement has made several changes to Commonwealth Games.
Some of the adjustments include the creation of Commonwealth Winter Games for snow and ice sports, The Commonwealth Paraplegic Games were for the commonwealth athletes with a disability & the Commonwealth Youth Games were for athletes aged 14 to 18.
The first edition of the winter & paraplegic games were held in 1950 to 1960 & second edition held in 1966 and 1974 respectively. The youth games were held in 2000.Due to Second World War, The 1942 and 1946 games were cancelled.
These games are overlooked by the CGF (Commonwealth Games Federation), which control, select and decide the sporting programme and also the host cities. The movement of the games consists of International Sports Federations, Commonwealth Games associations and all of the organizing committees for each and every specific Commonwealth Game. There were several rituals and symbols, like the Commonwealth Games Flag and the Baton Relay of the Queen, as well as in the opening and also in the closing ceremonies. More than 5000 athletes compete at Commonwealth Games in more than 15 different sports and more than 200 events. After getting first, second and third place in each and every event of Commonwealth Games, Finishers receive Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.
These game were not only organized to promote the all games but also to give chance to those game players which were hidden from our eyes after being too much capable & active. Some of us don’t watch or play these games because we see Cricket whole day on our television, in our media, in our newspaper.
We all were never expected that it will be held in our country ever but when Jarnail Singh & Suresh Kalmadi ignore the corruption cases and delays and stated confidently that We will host the game very soon at any cost Then It became so excitement in all of the Indian minds that XIX Commonwealth games are going to be held in Delhi in 2010. Before it we just played these games only in video games like Archery, Gymnastics, Athletics, Judo, Tennis, Rugby, Weightlifting, Shooting, Swimming, Wrestling, Athletics, Cycling, Diving, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing & many more other exciting games.
Finally the events took place at different competition venues and some of them were newly constructed specially for the games. The place that provided accommodation & training to the athletes and was opened for the commonwealth games was near Yamuna River. This village also provided free transport and free tip to the Taj Mahal to all athletes.
The total budget estimated by Indian Olympic Association was in 16-17 billion. Some of the magazine told that the Games cost around 700 billion. So this became the most expensive Commonwealth Games.
All the the project related to bridges, flyaway, buildings, roads have been completed so fast and in very well way so that the travelling time and travelling distance both could be reduced . Because It was the question of our reputation and We couldn’t leave any loosepoint from our side to be the blame for us.
To remove the question of Greenery All the Organisers and City Residents give information of Felling heritage trees to the Supreme Court. So that they could take any suitable and immediate action on the greenery of the city. Then on the order of Court, Ecological Parks and Ground were constructed and designed in well way.
Delhi Government also provided English Classes to all of the Cab Drivers, Security Workers, Waiters and to all of the service staff. Delhi Government also modified the Public Transport Vehicle as the Western Countries had. Delhi Government also undertook a large power production to increase power production by constructing new power plants.
Government also trained State police forces to handle all the tourist related issues. Too many homeless people had removed from shelters and some had been demolished. Mobile Courts were launched and advised them to sent all the beggars to their home states. These were really the best steps taken by the Government.
Finally the opening ceremony was held at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium which was the biggest stadium of Delhi. The opening ceremony was directed by the famous Tamil Director, Bharat Bala. More than 8000 performers performed in the opening ceremony. The welcome song “Swagatam” was sung by the famous classical Indian singer, Hari Haran with thousands of school children & the official song of these games was “Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto” that was composed by the pride of India & the Academy and Grammy Awardee “A.R. Rehman”.
The Prince of Wales & President of India (Smt. Pratibha Patil) officially declared the games open. Our Honorable Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan Singh of the host nation, attended the ceremony as well. Too many more respected Chair Person of different countries also attended the ceremony.
So the Securities and arrangement were in very well way and were strict.
The opening ceremony was watched by 3 million people approx worldwide. The Queen’s Baton was brought into the Jawaharld Nehru Stadium by boxer Vijender Singh who then handed it over to Mary Kom, the five-time boxing world champion. Samaresh Jung was next to receive the Baton after being named best competitor of the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Champion wrestler, Sushil Kumar, was last to hold the Baton before passing it over to Queen Elizabeth’s representative, Prince Charles. More than 4000 athletes from 71 nations competed in different different sports as per their interest.

The president of International Olympic Committee, Australian Ministry, and Commonwealth games federation appreciated about the good foundation and well delivery of games. Some people also were not agree with these statements and were spreading hate speech about India. But all the players were also happy with the arrangement & welcoming way of India in Indian Style.
An Expert of Socio economic development also said: “Where on one side one of every three Indian live below the poverty line and 40 percent of the hungry live in India. When approx 50 percent of India’s children and 50percent of women are malnourished. Still the country spending billion dollars on sports to build nation pride. Is it not the shame for this country? He also announced the Games would prove to be “Negative Finance Legacy for the country”.
Some of the most memorable triumphs from the games include the final of of swimming 400m & 800m.
Most of the gold medals were won by Australia and our country, India achieved second maximum winner of gold medals in Commonwealth Games which were the highest by us.
The closing ceremony was also too much interesting and magnificent. In which the Indians showed the right martial forms of India including Gatka, Talwar Raas, Dhan Patta and many more. This was later followed by a piece called “Tribute to our motherland” which was executed by approx 2000 children to the “Vande Mataram” which was composed by living legend A.R. Rehman.

The flag handover ended the Ceremony and began with an announcement from Chief Minister of Delhi, Shelia Dikshit. She said: “In a few moments, the ceremonial flag will be entrusted to your care so that in due time you deliver it to Glasgow.” Robert Winter represented Glasgow in accepting the flag. He announced: “This duty I willingly undertake to fulfil.” Following this, the flag was finally passed to the Lord Smith of Kelvin who called upon the nations of the Commonwealth to visit the Games in Glasgow for 2014.


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