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Daily Flash Fiction 9/14/21 W/C 128

Fish Eyes

“You’re a fish, cold as ice. You have ice water in your veins. No one is as cold as you.”

Big Joe watched me with those carp eyes. Creepy dead fish eyes.

“What did you call me?”

I took a big gulp. I was going to swim with the fishies for sure, calling the boss a fish.

“You heard me, you’re a cold, dead fish.”

Big Joe turned, gazed out the dirty open window. The river below stank of dead fish, oil, sewage.

“Ha, you got some nerve, kid. And I like that! No one’s ever called me a dead fish before. You’re the first.”

He turned back to face me. “And the last.”

I regretted my statement as I sailed through the window into the river below.

W/C 128

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