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Four interesting ghost stories that talk about spirits who cannot leave the earth.
         We have all heard the tales of the spectral and the supernatural at some point before in our lives. Some of these ghost stories can be quite scary, and others are not so scary. Some of these ghost stories date back three centuries or more in time, but why haven't we seen some of these same spirits today? Why do some ghost seem like they are on the move?

         There are multiple reasons why we may not be able to see some of these same spirits today. Some of these spectral beings may have actually been the creations of overactive imaginations. Others may have been helped by the living to cross over to the other side. Another reason may be that these restless spirits for reasons out of their control manifested themselves elsewhere.

Four ghostly tales of restless spirits on the move

         At a Southern university students are reporting the haunting of their dormitory by two ghosts. The apparitions of a man and a woman have been seen countless times wandering their dormitory halls, and rooms. It's the university's oldest building, and it dates back to the earliest days of the university. Students have been seeing these same two spirits since the 1920's and the 1940's, however not one single person has ever died in the building. Therefore we must look at what happened on this site where the dormitory sits now, before it was constructed there back in the 1890's. It was discovered from death records, and genealogy sources that a farm house once sat on this very spot. One cold winter evening the farm house burned down killing the couple inside that lived there. It's looks like these two ghosts didn't move into the dormitory, but never left their old farm house.

         At the same Southern university, but in another separate dormitory there was another apparition seen late one night. Except this time it was a spirit with a familiar face, and the ghost only made that one single appearance. During World War Two back in the early 1940's, a ghost was spotted leaning over a student and giving them a gentle kiss. Another student who saw and recognized the spirit said that it was that other student's father. Later the next day a telegram was delivered to the student who received the kiss, and the time on it was the exact same time that the witness reported seeing the ghost. The telegram stated that the student's father had been killed in action over in Europe. This restless spirit wasn't moving in, but was just simply stopping by to say their last goodbye to a loved one, before they moved onto the great unknown.

         People for over a hundred years, have reported that they have heard the screams and cries of the anguish coming from a low lying area at the far edge of town. This was really unexplainable, because there were no structures or anything at all in this particular area. After digging through some dusty old volumes in the clerk of deeds office it was discovered that up until the early 1900's that this area was the site of public executions. Those eerie sounds were actually that of the restless spirits of those hanged, reenacting their final moments on the gallows that once stood on this spot. These ghost never moved, the landscape around them simply changed.

         For the final story back in the year 1877, there were many people who reported seeing the apparition of a young woman near a church. She was always dressed in spotless white. Whenever people approached the young woman in white, the ghost didn't vanish but would simply move away from them. The spirit also had a peculiar habit of opening up the nearby gates. One day in 1896 people suddenly stopped reporting that they were seeing the young woman's ghost. The reason most likely was that in the same year thirty five bodies which were buried in the church's cemetery, were exhumed and reburied in another location. It would appear that the young woman, who apparently was among those buried in the church's cemetery moved onto another place along with her coffin.

         All four of these ghostly tales which you have just finished reading are true stories. Sometimes there's a lot more behind the reason why a ghost appears, and doesn't appear. Come on back sometime, and visit with me again here. There's will always be another ghostly tale waiting right around the corner for you.

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