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Writing exercise - short form story
One time many years ago, there was a young boy who was travelling with his mother. It was late in the day, dusk was near. They were both travelling to see the grandparents. When they arrived it was finally dusk, and night was approaching. The young boy was so excited to see his grandparents, that he rushed out of the vehicle and ran towards the front door. The door faced towards the north and caught the last beating rays of the sunset each evening since the home was built, about 6 years prior. The young boy swung the front door open and went beating up the stairs as fast as he could. As the young boy rushed up the stairs, he noticed his grandfather over on the other side of the room, rocking in his rocking chair, cane in hand. The old man greeted his young grandson ecstatically and gave him a big hug. The living room was all brown, brown rug, brown wood panelling, brown fabric couch, brass and brown glass lamps, even grandfathers cowboy hat was light brown. The sunlight each evening however, changed this brown into a lovely warm tone each evening. The boy's mother finally entered the house, bags in hand, she immediately went upstairs to the kitchen. There she met grandmother, and started talking, about what, the boy didn't really pay attention. But they were laughing about whatever it is they had been talking about. The young boy and his grandfather were sitting together, and the grandfather asked what the young boy, "How was your day?" "What did you do in school today?" The boy gladly talked about his day, what he had learned in school, what he did at recess, and what book he got from the library that day. It was about the Berenstain bears. The grandfather and grandson were both very happy in this moment. This went on for a while, until eventually the young boy grew bored. He wanted to go play with the dog and cat. So, grandfather let him go, and watched him play. He sat back rocking in his rocking char, looking happy and content. "Not many days left." He thought to himself. Grandfather continued rocking.

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