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A poem written from the perspective of a transgender woman.
I've had a lot on my mind recently
There's two parts of me that I love
Masculinity and Femininity
Simply put it is androgyny
But here I am at this crossroads
One side is the me everyone sees
And the other is a me no one knows truly
I wish both my selves could be seen equally
I don't know, maybe I've lost all my sensibility
I just want to be able to be the person I am
Eccentric yes, but eccentric as both male and female
Maybe I'm out of my mind
But I'd rather be insane than uncomfortable in my own skin
I'm still learning about myself, even after all this time.
One day one person, the next day another?
Not that hard to imagine.
But it's still the same person, just a different look
I'm just turning the pages of my personal book
The story itself may seem to get stranger
But the protagonist is getting happier
And that's good right?
I hope it is
Because I don't think this is going to change
Anytime soon, or possibly ever
I'm looking up at the skies tonight
There is no moon
She's getting ready for her next phase.
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