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The 3rd part of squished tier
Another day of school had come and gone as Chiaki eagerly made her way back home. Today was the last day of school for the week, which meant that it was the start of the weekend. A whole 2 days of relaxing and having fun for the gamer girl, which was made better knowing about all the squishy smash bros. amiibo's that she had obtained earlier in the week. She had plenty of time to play around with them previously, but now Chiaki had a whole two days all to herself that she could enjoy having fun with them. And she had plenty of new ideas that she was excited to try out~

The moment that Chiaki had made it home she quickly rushed upstairs to her room with excitement, ready to enjoy her weekend with her collection squishy amiibo's as she closed the door to her room and stood in front of the shelf where she had kept the set of amiibo's. "Ahh, now who should I play with first?" Chiaki asked herself as she raised her hand up and looked around through all of the various smash gal figures. She had already enjoyed having plenty of fun with Peach, Zelda, and Min Min before in the past, so today Chiaki wanted to have some fun with a couple of new gals.

Moving her hand into the crowd of amiibo's Chiaki pulled out a rather small one. "You should work out just fine as my main toy for today~" Chiaki decided as she ran her finger across the cute lil dog secretary, moving it over a button on her trophy stand. "Alright Isabelle, time for some fun~!" Chiaki shouted with delight as she pressed the button and in seconds the figure was brought to life. Leaving the trophy stand still in her hand and a lil dog gal hopping off of the stand.

"Yaaawn, Good morning everyone." Isabelle spoke as she stood up and stretched before looking upwards, being quite surprised upon seeing the giant girl towering over her. "Wait Isabelle can talk normally like this? Hmm, well I guess that makes sense, after all it would be kind of hard to understand what she would be saying in her cute animal crossing language, especially since I don't think it would be possible to make text boxes appear in front of tiny squishy amiibo's" Chiaki thought to herself with a giggle as she looked down at the awe struck Isabelle in her open palm.

"W-well hello giant lady, it's nice to meet you. M-my names Isabelle." The lil dog gal stuttered, not seeming entirely scared but mostly confused and surprised. "Hello Isabelle~ My name is Chiaki Nanami and it's wonderful to meet you~" Chiaki chimed as Isabelle's facial expression and tone quickly changed. "Chiaki! I thought it was you, I saw your appearance and thought you looked familiar. I'm so happy to see you again Ms. Mayor~" Isabelle called up with delight as Chiaki looked down at her with surprise. "Wait you recognize me Isabelle?" Chiaki asked, surprised to see Isabelle was acting as she would as if Chiaki was talking to her in game.

"Well of course. How could I forget my amazing mayor and friend Chiaki, you did so much good for me and all the others. Both when you were looking after your town and when we got together for that island vacation that Tom Nook set up." Isabelle chimed cheerly as Chiaki smiled. "I guess that makes sense that Isabelle would act this way, animal crossing was a bit of a different game from the other games featured in smash. So it made sense that Isabelle would act differently from the other gals... although it was rather odd that the Isabelle not only recognized me and knew that I had played New Horizons and New Leaf. Almost like this Isabelle was the same one from those games. Thought that was likely just a feature on the Isabelle amiibo and a very impressive one at that " Chiaki thought once again as she cupped her hands around Isabelle and brought her up to her face with a smile.

"Hee hee of course how could I forget, I'm happy to see you again Isabelle." Chiaki giggled as Isabelle's smiling face looked up at Chiaki. "So uh, how did you become giant Chiaki? Or did I become small?" Isabelle asked with wonder as Chiaki answered her question. "Oh well I'd say it's more like the latter. I'll try to explain it best I can but basically, you and the other smash bros females have become tiny squishy figures of sorts if that makes sense. Basically you are all only a few inches tall and your bodies are squishy and malleable and all you and your female smash bros friends are sort of like toys for me, if that makes sense." Chiaki explained it best she could as Isabelle closed her eyes and thought for a moment.

"Hmmmmmmm, that makes sense" Isabelle said to herself as she concluded her thought. "Guess that means you joined smash bros. that's amazing I'm so happy to see that you were able to join all of us. Although you don't seem to be a fighter and since your squishing us like toys, I guess that makes you a boss of sorts right?" Isabelle determined as Chiaki responded. "Sure I guess that's the case, although I wouldn't say that I'm fighting you and the other gals per say more so like I'm playing with you." Chiaki said back to Isabelle. "Of course, were not currently in a battle so it makes sense that you would just be having fun with us right now rather than fighting." Isabelle replied back, seeming like she had a good idea of the situation now as Chiaki giggled.

"Yeah, so I hope you don't mind Isabelle but I think I'm going to start having some fun squishing you right now if that's okay." Chiaki said explaining what would happen next to the lil doggo as Isabelle perked up again with a smile. "Well of course, that's fine with me Ms. Mayor. Although I do wonder what you mean by squishing me" Isabelle answered only to have her question answered immediately as Chiaki pressed her palms together, having placed the trophy stand in her pocket so she could start squishing the little Isabelle as her hands parted, revealing a paper thin and tiny dog secretary with a rather surprised look on her face~

"Oh, so that's what you meant by squishing" Isabelle said with a blush on her face as she was covered up again by Chiaki's palms and rubbed back and forth, flattening her out further. "Just a bit more squishing and some stretching" Chiaki chimed as she flattened out Isabelle in her palm before stretching the face of the little dog girl, making little Isabelle blush and giggle as Chiaki molded her form into a new shape. "This actually feels quite pleasant, like a nice massage~" Isabelle thought to herself as she was squished and squashed by Chiaki eventually being placed on top of Chiaki's in her new form as she blushed. "And here we are, hope you enjoyed yourself Isabelle." Chiaki giggled as Isabelle's new form laid wrapped around the top of her head.

Chiaki had squished Isabelle into a cute lil beanie hat with her arms waving on the sides of Chiaki's head, her hands in particular fluttering nearby Chiaki's cheeks on her smiling face, almost like Isabelle was squeezing Chiaki's face with her small hands. "Oh my, this is wonderful Ms. Mayor. I've never been a hat before so this is a bit weird, but it feels amazing. And besides I don't mind being a hat like this as long as it makes you happy Ms. Mayor~" Isabelle said cheerfully as Chiaki stood in front of a mirror, giving the dog secretary a full view of her new form. "Hee hee, I'm glad that you enjoy this. You make a very cute beanie hat Isabelle, hehe almost like your a special hat that I would make based on a custom design only better~" Chiaki chimed as she pat her head as she petted Isabelle in her new form causing Isabelle to let out relaxed coos of delight.

"So, what's next Ms. Mayor?" Isabelle asked as Chiaki looked at her new hat from the mirror before deciding. "Well I was thinking that while your keeping my head all nice and warm that I could have some fun with some of the other smash bros. ladies." Chiaki answered as Isabelle smiled back. "Okay then that sounds fine. I'll keep you nice and comfy while I stay as your hat Ms. Mayor!" Isabelle spoke out in a confident tone as Chiaki giggled walking over to the smash bros. figurines as she decided on which gal to play with next.

"Hmm, how about I have a bit of fun with you now." Chiaki decided as she picked of the Wii Fit Trainer amiibo (which'll be abbreviated to WFT for the rest of the story), being a fitness trainer there was a lot of ideas that would be quite fitting when it comes to squishing her into different shapes. "Hehe maybe I'll even get a good workout too~" Chiaki giggled as she brought the amiibo to life with the press of a button.

"Alright, let's get a good stretch" WFT said instinctively as she stood up on one foot and raised her hands to stretch, only to stop her sudden work out upon seeing the giant girl towering over her... with Isabelle on the girls head as a hat. Not wanting to waste any more time with explanations Chiaki quickly dropped WFT onto the ground as she hit it with a splat and was further squashed by Chiaki stomping her down. "Oof! hey! What's going on here!?" WFT asked in confusion as Chiaki stomped her into oblivion.

"You go Ms. Mayor! WFT never saw your attack coming~" Isabelle cheered as Chiaki blushed and giggled, being encouraged by her lil cheer leader as she stomped down onto the poor fitness trainer until she was about the size of a work out mat, then with a bit of molding and more squishing she was formed into a rectangular shape just like an actual work out mat as Chiaki moved her to the middle of her room.

*With WFT squished an in position Chiaki slipped off her shoes and socks* "I'm not exactly wearing the proper attire but I think just taking my shoes and socks off should do well enough~" Chiaki chimed as she stepped on WFT with her bare soles, wiggling her pink painted toes over WFT's flattened face. After a few moments of teasing, Chiaki decided to try and replicate some of the poses that WFT would do in her game and smash bros. when doing yoga or performing attacks. "How does my form look WFT, I think I have perfect balance and form~" Chiaki teased as she stepped forward with one foot and raised her arms, mimicking WFT's warrior pose as her front foot stomped right down onto the flattened fitness trainer's face, which looked very dazed.

"Alright, that was a good warm up but now lets step it up a little with some sports~" Chiaki said with a smile as she peeled up the trampled yoga mat and molded it into a ball. Thanks to the squishy malleable nature of the smash gal amiibo's it was quite easy to squish WFT into a ball form, and even better she worked perfectly as a multipurpose sports ball.

Starting off Chiaki dribbled her like a basketball, bouncing her around a bit before scoring a few shots as she tossed her into a clothes bin like it was a basketball hoop. Then Chiaki kicked WFT around like a soccer ball, this time using the space under her bed as a goal as she played a little game of soccer. Finally she blew up the fitness ball into a much bigger ball, specifically a yoga ball which Chiaki laid on to rest, being rather exhausted after the fun she had.* "Phew, that was very tiring... I had a lot of fun though~" Chiaki giggled in exhaustion as she took a breather for a minute or two, before flattening out the yoga ball and squishing it into a much smaller form.

"I think I'll put you right here for the time being in case I want to play with you later~" Chiaki said to the fitness trainer, who had now been squished into a wrist band and slipped onto Chiaki's wrist. "That was a great game Chiaki, you sure looked like you had a lot of fun with WFT and in a lot of unique ways." Isabelle called out from the top of Chiaki's head making the gamer gal giggle as she went to grab another amiibo.

"I've had a lot of fun today and in the past with plenty of different squishy smash gals, and I'll think you'll be quite the fun change up, Samus" Chiaki said decisively as she picked up the Samus amiibo, which noticeably had two different buttons on it, one listed as Power Armor, and the other Zero Suit. "Oh I see, so that's how they designed the amiibo so you could have either of Samus's appearances. That makes sense" Chiaki thought to herself as she pressed the button for "Power Armor', deciding that it would make things more fun if she squished and played with Samus in her more well Armored and equipped form.

"Huh where am I? What is this place?" Samus wondered as she raised her arm cannon and searched the area, only look up and see a towering girl... With Isabelle and WFT on her body molded into strange shapes. Quickly realizing the situation she was in, Samus stepped back and raised her arm cannon charging up a shot as she pointed at Chiaki who looked like she was about to try and crush her with her hand. The bounty hunter could only assume that this must've been a new boss, a new foe to fight, which had already beaten and captured WFT and Isabelle.

Of course Samus wasn't planning on succumbing to the same fate as right when Chiaki brought her hand down Samus rolled out of the way and fired her full charge shot at Chiaki's face... which only made the girl lightly giggle, the attack seemingly being ineffective much to Samus's surprise. Of course this didn't deter Samus as she dashed up close to Chiaki and fired a barrage of super missiles, all of which led to a similar affect. Samus could only assume that this was a enemy that didn't visibly show damage or injury upon getting hit, so she'd just have to keep up the assault until her foe would fall, no matter what it would take she would defeat this foe and rescue her fellow fighters.

Chiaki looked down with a smile, excited to see that Samus was actually putting up a good fight just as she had hoped, even if it wasn't leading to much success. This of course cued Chiaki to step it up a notch as she raised both her hands, trying to clap the tiny bounty hunter between them which of course led Samus to dodge the attack. From claps, to slaps, to smacks Samus dodged them all as she attacked when she could, while the giant girl didn't show any signs of injury, Samus was sure that she was doing something at least a she kept fighting. "Go Ms. Mayor you can do it! I believe in you!" Isabelle cheered from her heighted hat POV making Samus stop for a moment with confusion.

Why was Isabelle cheering on the boss? And why was she referring to them by the same name she use for the female Villager? These questions and others filled Samus's mind for a moment before she focused back in on the fight, only to look up in shock as she saw Chiaki hop up on the arena and sit right down on her. The small bounty hunter could only let out a surprised gasp as the whole battlefield she was fighting on was sat on by the giant girl, squishing her instantly under the crushing weight.

"There! That should stop you!" Chiaki shouted in victory, while it was quite fun to tease the little amiibo, she knew that she had to end the fight eventually. And what better way to do so then to crush the whole 'arena under her booty. Looking back onto her bed, Chiaki didn't see Samus anywhere, leading the gamer to one conclusion. "Oh hehe, guess you got stuck here from the intense impact~" Chiaki giggled as she peeled the flattened bounty hunter off of her behind before squishing her up.

"Hehe, look Isabelle I invented a new upgrade for Samus. The squish ball! It's like the morph ball but even squishier~" Chiaki teased as both her and Isabelle giggled. "Good one Ms. Mayor, I'm sure that such an amazing upgrade will be very beneficial to her. In a way it's like an upgraded morph ball" Isabelle added as she continued to laugh as Chiaki laid the squish ball on a table and flicked it with a finger like a marble as it bounced and smacked right into a window, splatting into a little disk which of course made Chiaki giggle more as Samus slowly peeled off the window.

"Hee hee, I never though I'd see Samus screen KO'd while in a morph ball like form." Chiaki chuckled as she suddenly got a wonderful idea, peeling Samus off the window Chiaki bunched her up into a ball again as she made her way out of her room, while also grabbing the previous amiibo gals she had squished in the past, Peach, Zelda, and Min Min.

A few moments later...

"AAAUGH!" Zelda screamed as she was suddenly launched into a window with a SPLAT! Chiaki had launched all the smash gals into a window (after letting them reform) so she could replicate the gals being screen KO'd. After doing so she then pressed them down with her hand so they'd stick for longer against the window. Once all 6 of the smash gals had been pressed into silly stickers, Chiaki then made her way to the other side of the window with her phone in hand, raising it up as she took a picture to commemorate the moment.

Chiaki admired the silly photo for a few moments, the smash gals for the most part distressed/annoyed expression, with the exception of Isabelle who looked quite delighted. Most looked like their screen KO's from the game, but there's was a few exceptions. WFT had her head titled with a rather nervous look on her face, Samus's body looked more spread out and Chiaki could clearly see the anger in her eyes probably still upset after she was beaten by her. But the best and most adorable was easily Isabelle's, the little dog assistant had her face and body pointed right at the window, arms spread out like she was trying to hug Chiaki from behind the window with a big smile on her face and a cute little wink~

"Hee gosh Isabelle your just so adorable" Chiaki cooed, finding Isabelle joy and happiness so pure and wholesome. Admiring the squished gals for a little longer, Chiaki finished up as she walked back into her house, it was getting a bit late so she needed to get something to eat and get a few good hours to herself to game. So she swiftly peeled off all the smash gals and started to squish and mold them into new forms... except for Isabelle, she got the special treatment of sitting on Chiaki's shoulder while she watched her mayor mess with her friends~

With the day coming to a close Chiaki laid back in her gaming chair, after a wonderful dinner she had went upstairs to game late into the night. Sitting back in a relaxed pose, Chiaki had continued to play her game while lil Isabelle sat in her lap, nomming on a little candy Chiaki had gifted her as she happily watched the gamer gal enjoy herself, cheering her on occasionally while she gamed and giving occasional to the new set of clothes and accessories Chiaki was wearing made from the other smash gals she had squished today.

Peach was fittingly squished into a crown for Chiaki, Zelda was a little ring on one of Chiaki's fingers, Min Min was a necklace with her ARMS wrapped around Chiaki's neck, WFT was back to being a wristband, and Samus made a nice gamer glove to keep Chiaki's one hand comfy. With all the gals stuck in their squished forms, they were helpless to do anything as Chiaki enjoyed herself.

After hours of non stop gaming Chiaki hopped into bed, with all the smash gal amiibo's still stuck in their respective positions and forms, Chiaki laid back in bed and pulled her blanket over her. "Good night everyone, and an especially good night to you Isabelle~" Chiaki called out to all the gals as they groaned except for Isabelle as she was cuddled up close and held tightly in Chiaki's hands. "Good night Ms. Mayor! I hope you sleep wonderfully tonight and I hope that we can have even more fun tomorrow~" Isabelle chimed as Chiaki giggled once again before going off to sleep.

More fun tomorrow was guaranteed, today had already been the best day so far out of all the days Chiaki had these squishy smash gal amiibos. And what made it even better was knowing today was Friday, the start of the weekend. So she had a full two days of fun, and with today already being so amazing, she could only imagine how the rest of the weekend would match if not top it.

So the Ultimate Gamer rested after another fantastic day, with Isabelle doing the same, happy to be snuggled up so close with her Mayor. As the two slept the night went on quite peacefully... besides the occasional groans and moans from the other squished smash gals. Another amazing night after an amazing day, with the wonderful thought of an even better day tomorrow deep in the minds of the two sleeping friends, and the thoughts of more squishing in the future for the other smash gals~
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