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The Dialogue 500. Prompt Explain to little Billy why he must always wear a mask at school.
         ”Here lil Billy put on your mask buddy.”
         ”But mom I don’t like masks there uncomfortable.”
         ”You must Billy it keeps you safe.”
         ”Mommy, how does a mask keep me safe?”
         ”It keeps the sickness out.”
         ”But mommy the sickness is aerosol, masks can’t keep that out.”
         ”Sure they do Billy.
         ”No they don’t. Smell my cologne mommy.”
         ”Mmm it smells good.”
         ”Really, well then how does that mask keep sickness out if you can smell the cologne through the mask.
         ”The sickness doesn’t have a smell Billy, but it can make you really sick and you could die."
         "Yeah mommy I could die if I got the flu too."
         "Billy this sickness is more dangerous than the flu. Which reminds me I need to see if your able to get your vaccine yet."
         "No mommy I don't want that. It's dangerous."
         "Billy it's to keep you from getting sick."
         "Mommy my friend got the vaccine and he got sick again. Ryan didn't take the vaccine and when he got sick his mommy gave him some antibiotics and he got better fast.
         "Billy the vaccine and the masks will keep you safe. I'm sure Ryan's parent's just didn't tell him he got the vaccine."
         ”Oookkaayy. Mommy what happens if I sneeze and my body is trying to get sickness out. Now it will be in my mask and I will keep breathing it until I get home. And it won’t stay in my mask cause it goes out the sides. I can feel my breath coming out of the side of the mask.”
         ”Well baby I’m not sure.”
         ”So if the sickness touches the outside of my mask and sticks you want me to keep it on my face all day? The sickness is flying all around.”
         ”Billy put your mask on, we will be at the school soon.”
         ”You aren’t even listening. If I wear my mask with an airborne sickness then it sticks to my mask and I breathe it all day long and instead of breathing clean air I have to breath germ air from my germ collecting mask. Yes mommy I see why you want me to wear a mask, it protects everyone.
         ”Right baby.”
         ”Yes because even when I keep my mask on my air comes out the sides and when I sneeze the little particles fly through the mask and out the sides of the mask. So it would really make sense to wear the mask because it keeps the sickness on my face, right mommy?”
         ”Right Billy. Oh wait I’m sorry baby what did you say I wasn’t listening.”
         ”Nothing mommy.”
         ”Alright goodbye honey.”
         ”Bye mommy.”
         ”Billy you don’t have your mask on.”
         ”Right mommy.”

         ”You see Jake I did try to tell her but she wouldn’t even listen. She believes everything the news says. I’m not wearing this bacteria, germ, virus infected mask.

Word Count 484
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