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What happens when a zombie apocalyps comes to town for 15 year old Karla?
The Walking Dead (Coronavirus)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a girl named Karla who was getting ready for school. Karla knew about the zombie apocalypse but thought it wouldn't come to her town yet. Also, her parents had a HUGE reputation since her dad was a businessman and her mom was a famous model. When Karla came home from school, she saw a zombie eating her dad. Karla ran up to her room quietly so the zombie wouldn't see her. When she was in her room, she started crying. When she stopped crying, she changed into some clothes. She changed into a long-sleeved shirt, blue pants and put a black short-sleeved shirt on. She also put her hair in a high ponytail and packed some stuff and food into a bag. Since the zombie was blocking the front door, she had to jump from her bedroom window which was a big drop. When she climbed down, she fell on her hands and they both started to bleed. Karla ran away from her house until she was far away from the city. She sat down to rest but a zombie came out of nowhere. Karla cried out for help since she didn't have anything to defend herself. All of a sudden, two guys came running. The one boy who had long black hair and was wearing a white hat shot the zombie while the orange hair boy shot the zombies that were coming. The orange hair boy told the black hair boy to grab Karla and he picked her up and they all ran. When they were away from the zombies, they stopped to catch their breaths. The orange hair boy asked, "Are you ok?" Karla nodded. "I'm Luke and this is Asher", said the orange-haired boy. "I'm Karla," Said Karla. "Where's your group?", asked Asher. Karla looked down at the floor. "I don't have a group." Karla said. Asher then whispered to Luke and Luke nodded. "You can stay with our group", said Luke. Asher held out his hand to help Karla off the floor and she took his hand. They started walking and after fifteen minutes of walking, they reached a pharmacy. "This is where we're staying", Luke said. "At least you'll have food and medical supplies." Karla said. They went inside the pharmacy where they were greeted by two kids. "Hi! I'm Ivan, what's yours?" The little boy asked Karla. "Nice to meet you, Ivan, I'm Karla." Luke looked over at Karla's hand's which were still bleeding. "Yo Asher, can you take care of Karla's injuries. I have to finish fixing the car". Luke said. Asher nodded. Karla sat on a chair while Asher bandaged her cuts. While Asher was cleaning Karla's cuts, Karla watched Luke fix a shelf. "Your hands should start to heal now." Asher said looking up at Karla. Karla nodded. "So is Luke the leader? It's kinda weird for a kid to be taking care of kids." Karla said. Asher handed Karla a water bottle. "Well yeah since he was the one who formed the group. Also not ALL of us are kids. Luke's 18, I'm 15 and I'm guessing you're 15 also." Asher said with a smirk. Karla smiled and looked down. In the middle of the night, Karla woke up and noticed everyone was sleeping except for Luke. Karla got up and went to find Luke. She found him working on a sports car. "Hey." Karla said when Luke saw her. "Hey, how are you feeling?" Luke asked. Karla smiled. "It still hurts a little bit better." Karla said. Luke continued to work on the car. "Do you need some help?" Karla asked. Luke looked down. "Um.... Sure. You can keep this open for me." Luke said, handing Karla a book. Karla held the book open for Luke while he fixed the car. "So how did the zombie apocalypse happen?" Karla asked. Luke stopped and sighed. "The coronavirus is what started the zombies. After that it was the zombies who were turning people into one of them. We had a bigger group but they died and turned into zombies." Karla saw how upset Luke was and hugged him. Luke hugged her back. They worked on the car for a few more hours then ended up falling asleep. Asher came in the next morning and saw Karla sleeping on top of Luke. He looked disappointed because he had a crush on Karla ever since they met. Asher woke them up and left. Karla started doing something to Luke's hair and took his top ponytail out. "I just thought you would look nicer with your hair down." Karla said with a smile. Luke fixed Karla's hair and they went to join the others. They all packed up and drove to a small house they found. "This place is nice." Karla said to Luke when they were alone. Luke held both of Karla's hands and started blushing. "Yeah it is." Luke said with a smile. Then Luke kissed Karla and she kissed him back. Asher then walked in and saw them kissing. He left quietly and tried to not cry. When the group all got together, Luke made a plan. "We only have enough food for a few days so Karla and Asher, you're going to go down to the pharmacy we drove by and see if they have anything while Clemintine, Ivan, and I fix up the place and make sure there aren't any zombies." Karla and Asher nodded and they both grabbed a bag and a gun and left. When they arrived at the pharmacy, Asher broke the glass to the door and opened it. They collected a bunch of stuff but got stopped by two guys and a girl. The one boy had black hair with a strip of red in a mohawk, the other boy had long orange hair in a ponytail and the girl had short blonde hair. "Well look what we have here." The black-haired boy said with an evil smile. He put his hand on Karla's chin. "A beautiful chick" The black-haired boy smiled. Asher got mad. "LEAVE HER ALONE" Asher yelled lunging at the black-haired boy but then a gunshot went off.
To Be Continued
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