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A poem about the one you always turn to
Stoically standing,
as if made of stone.
His foundation goes deep,
but in truth he’s alone.

The problem solver,
whose knowledge is his wealth.
He’s always there for you,
at the expense of himself.

Selfless and caring,
always helpful and kind.
His emotions in check,
and the soundest of minds.

But what happens when,
this rock starts to crack?
When the weight of world,
starts to push back.

What happens when,
the foundation grows soft?
Till there is simply nothing,
that keeps it aloft.

The stone starts to crumble,
and it’s horrible to see.
This man asked for your burdens,
and you each gave him three.

No one ever realized,
until it was too late.
He never said a word,
as he tried to hold the weight.

Now the stone has turned porous,
and people notice and run.
They don’t want to be crushed,
when the inevitable comes.

Now the rock’s turned to powder,
and the man crumbles too.
He never complained though,
and he kept holding true.
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