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by J. Lee
Rated: E · Poetry · Experience · #2259255
A journey through the pains and joys of Life and Love.
I am hopeless
My thoughts are telling me
I will succeed only if I stop believing that
In life
I have to be kind to others
I have to love myself
It is obvious that
This could not be further from the truth
When it's said that “Nice guys finish last”
I believe that
And I say to this world
Actions do speak louder than words
So how would you act then, if
Kindness is seen as a sign of weakness
People are wrong when they think
Love conquers all
It will be destroyed
When you put your heart on the line
Anything that is negative
Any hurt or pain
I promise you this
It will be amplified and mirrored
In love
Because when you are
Being completely vulnerable to another
You must be open to
Taking the chance of not being accepted
To me it is far more worth it
Being alone and miserable forever
Rather than
Thinking I can love or be loved
I stand strong
In my convictions

Please, before being saddened of my feelings towards love, and life, give this another read. But start from the last line and work your way back to the top *BigSmile*
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