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by Liya
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its my first writing experience, hope you like it. its about first love.young and dreams
         Beautiful Days with you

Cap: 1
Its Saturday 1st day of th
e month April, my friends and I, had planned to have same fun today... we decided to meet at the new coffee shop in the street...
Liz: - Mama... I have to go now, bye

Mrs. May- okay dear, have fun. But be careful...

Mr. May- Liz...be safe... take care about others too..

Liz- I will Dad.... Bye
When I walk down the street, I Always felt that, these maple trees are soldiers who guard the city. I looked around to find the new coffee shop, alas I found it, a beautiful lattice caught my sight and there it is, Delighted..! I walked there, when I opened the door a small bell rang. And I saw a man with spectacles with a pleasant smile,
Shop owner - Good morning, Miss what do you like to have? We have fresh cakes and pastries...

Liz- I would like to have, a chocolate cake and a coffee!

Shop owner- right away.

I sat beside the window it was a beautiful view. While having my coffee, few minutes later my friends joined me. Ren, Sophie and Jena. We were together since kindergarten. Ren and Sophie are sweet hearts since kids.
Ren- so girls what is the plan?

Jena- I wanna go to a movie..!

Liz- okay then. Let's go to the carnival and after lunch let's watch a movie.

Sophie- that's good.

We went there it was crowded; while Ren buy us tickets we waited by the pond. Jena and Sophie went to buy some snacks while I enjoy the view. Suddenly some kids bumped to me I didn't get to think about anything all I can see THE POND!. I felt a strong arm hold me and pulled me aside. I bumped to someone's chest I felt the heartbeat, and an Oder it was unique. I lift my head slowly beautiful shining black eyes. I felt my heart skipped a beat, I was in his arms. Are you okay; I got back to my sense (blushing).
Liz- Thank you. Otherwise I would have fallen in to the pond.

Kai- Welcome!

Jena- Liz what happened are you OK?

Liz- I'm fine J. thanks to him. By the way I'm Lisa aka Liz this is Jena

Kai- Nice to meet you. I'm Kai.

Kai some of his friends came there 2 boys and a girl. Then Ren and Sophie joined us
Kai- this is Mike, Oliver and my sis April.

Liz- Hey.! This is Jena, Sophie and Ren

Kai- would you like to join us. This way we can join group games too.

Ren- That is a good ideal. Okay let's do that

Kai and I got to know each other a bit. His father had a transfer. Mr. Rogers new chief in the squad. And Kai is going to join Army this year. I thought we are same age but Kai was one year older than me. Year 96, they joined us in Lunch and movie too.

To be continue...
Life is a challenge: meet it
Life is love: enjoy it
Life is a dream: realize it
Life is a game: play it


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