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How my Universe began, hopefully Readers of the Realm are intrigued.
The TRUE Creation Myth

         In the Beginning there was only one, Life, the Mother Goddess of all in the Universe. She created a World, and named it after herself, Life. Being a woman, she thought of beauty. She molded beautiful plants and animals from the soil, painting them a myriad of colors. Breathing her name upon them, Mother Life infused herself into all. For the day, Life created the sun to shine upon the World and flaunt her creations in a warm light. For night, she tossed thousands of diamonds into the sky to make twinkling stars. She made a moon which would wane to nothingness and wax to fullness in a repeating cycle to mirror life of the World below.

         Life left no detail overlooked. She filled the oceans, rivers, lakes, and all the land with different plants and various creatures. The plants fed some of the animals. So that these would not eat all the plants, she made larger animals to eat those that ate the plants. To stop these carnivores from eating all the herbivores, she created four chosen races to keep the lesser animals in balance. Elves nurtured the trees of the forests. Mermen maintained life in the great Panthalassic Ocean. Humans shepherded over the animals of the land. And Dwarfs watched over the dirt she created all from.

         To ensure a continuation of the World, she gave her physical creations a life span. She balanced all with a designed purpose. A dwarf’s life mirrored dirt; immortal mud flowed through their veins, and age could never cause their death. She gave the Elves millenarian sap in their veins, allowing them thousands of years to watch over trees. While Mermen breathed both water and air, allowing them to cross over land for access to landlocked bodies of water, their blood gave them much shorter lives. And humans required less than a century to shepherd their flocks of animals.

         So that the World would not rot with death, she made creatures to dispose of the corpses. There were vultures and such to eat large, dead animals. She created small flies and other insects to clean the rest. All the animals she gave life and purpose, but to none did she give free thought. All intelligence was limited to the creature’s need of food, fear of pain, and purpose. None knew of love or envy, of generosity or greed, of humility or pride, of kindness or anger, of temperance or gluttony, of self control or lust, of zeal or laziness. Life kept free thought from her creations to protect them.

         For many generations, Life enjoyed the World she created. Without reason an odd thing happened one night. While Life slept, she became mysteriously impregnated. She awoke to find her belly swelling with a child. At birth she had not one, nor two, nor three, but four children. Two pairs of conjoined twins. She named the first two Good and Evil. The second pair, Order and Chaos.

         Unlike her other creations, her children had free thought, and in raising them she came to see their individual perfections and flaws. Each pair tried desperately to become Mother Life’s favorite, not understanding she had an equal love for each. She would try to punish them, convince them of the recklessness of their foolish competition. But it was to no avail; each sibling wanted to be Mother Life’s favorite. This desire to be the pair Mother Life loved most became an increasingly violent obsession.

         An obsession which climaxed one day, while Life was taking a walk in a beautiful garden on her World. Chaos and Order taunted Good and Evil with ridiculous examples of Mother Life’s greater love for them. A wrestling match erupted from the enormous anger bulging within the four.

         Evil and Good were so enraged that they tore Order and Chaos apart. Good and Evil believed victory to be near. However, with Chaos and Order separate, Good and Evil did not stand a chance. Attacking from two flanks, and with their greater agility being apart, Order and Chaos began a vicious drubbing. When Order and Chaos paused, it was too late.

         Evil and Good laid dead at their feet. The two were ripped apart from head to toe in a nasty bloodbath. The living brothers looked at each other in shock. Both had temporarily lost control, an act that was normal for Chaos, but unnatural for Order. And while Chaos remained excited and danced at the destruction of Good and Evil, Order realized the magnitude of what happened. He knew that Mother Life would be extremely unpleased with this.

         “Chaos, my brother!” he shouted, “We will be unjustly punished when Mother sees this. She will no longer love us. We have killed our brothers. We must cover up what we have done.”

         “Ha. Nothing has ever been better, not only are Good and Evil no longer here, but I am free of you and your boring structure. I can do what I want, when I want. Nothing can stop me,” Chaos danced about the crimson, body parts at his feet.

         “Mother will stop you. Neither of us will be her favorite now. We must hide the bodies. We must destroy the evidence of our ever doing this. We will tell Mother that after ripping us in two, Good and Evil ran away,” Order tried to solve the problem lying before them.

         Order believed the two had hours to contemplate the situation and resolve murdering their brothers. What neither realized was that when Good and Evil were ripped apart, the spillage of the blood rained down onto the World. The blood wetted many of the plants and creatures. Those who were touched by the blood became sentient. Suddenly aware of all the feelings Life did not grant them. They became self-aware, and now had the ability of free, individual thought.

         The leaves of the plants that became affected became pixies, faeries, and sprites. Trees became dryads, nymphs, and napaeae. Men riding horses fused into Centaurs. And many other creatures became self-aware, changing them from what they were to something more. The elves, mermen, humans, and dwarfs were affected in a greater way than all the other creatures. They were already greater than those they overlooked. Now some had near-deity intelligence. Evil’s blood covered some creatures more, while Good’s blood rained more upon others. The blood was mixed with all it fell on, and none became absolute Good, nor absolute Evil. And many who lived continued to live as Life had meant with only the purpose she intended and without free thought.

         Mother Life saw the blood raining down upon the World she had so meticulously created. Blood had destroyed her balance. She noticed Good and Evil had entered her perfect creations. This made them at the same time better and worse. She hurried back to her house.

         Chaos heard the door first. He realized Order was right in what he said, but that there was no time for Order to make a decision. They needed to hide what they did immediately. “Mother is home. We must eat the bodies of our brothers now before it is too late!” he exclaimed in a hush whisper.

         Order began to protest, but as he saw Chaos begin to devour the raw flesh, panic overrode sense, and he too joined in. With haste they swallowed every piece of meat on the floor before them, licking the blood that remained before it had time to dry.

         As they devoured the last piece, Mother Lifer entered the room. “What has happened!?” her voice sent shock waves through the universe.

         Unaware of the rain of blood below Chaos spoke first, “Mother! Evil and Good did the unspeakable and ripped me and my brother apart. Then they fled running from the punishment they knew would come.”

         Order continued, “Yes, Mother. Before we knew what to do Good and Evil ran. You may never find them.”

         “What have the two of you done with your brothers? Their blood has rain upon my World. Where are they? You will answer or be banished forever from my house!”

         The separated sons trembled in fear. Chaos again spoke first, “It was Order. Mother. Order killed my brothers after they tore us apart. Then to hide what he had done, he ate their bodies. Do not hate me. I did nothing. Order is to blame.”

         Order stepped back and blinked in shock. “No! Mother! Chaos lies. It was neither of our fault. It was an accident that Evil and Good were killed. Chaos forced me to help eat their bodies.”

         Mother Life stood in silence wondering how children grown within her perfection could do such harm. It was time they learned the seriousness of their sinful actions. “The blood of your brothers has created a great imbalance in my World. The sins of Good and Evil have wilted the perfection below. You are to bring a harmonious balance back to my World. You may give your powers to the creatures you see fit. May advise them on what to do. But you may not interfere with their thoughts or actions. Until balance is returned below neither of you are welcomed in my home, and neither of you will receive my love. Go now and solve the problem you created.”

         Being separate now, Order and Chaos wanted nothing of working as a team. Each viewed the other as the reason for their banishment, and vowed to be the first to bring perfection back to the World. For them, the end justified any means. A blossoming hatred for each other blinded the task Mother Life had given them. Before balance could be obtained, Order felt he needed to eliminate Chaos from the World. And Chaos saw no way to gain entry back to Mother Life’s house except to ensure there was nothing of Order left in the World.

         For untold generations, lies of battles between Good and Evil, Order and Chaos created untold harm upon all living creatures. Deception, riddling the thoughts of the Immortal Dwarfs, wise elves, sleepless mermen, and eclectic humans, continued endless, pointless destruction across the World. But stars now align for the Psalmic Isles’ Prophecies. The time is at hand for Balance to be restored to Life, or the treacherous wars will finally destroy all Life.
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