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by Rojodi
Rated: E · Other · Fantasy · #2259643
What could be the ending
Sebastian sat in the damp Adirondack chair and watched as the sun rose over the lake. No matter how many times he had seen it in his youth, he still thought it was a beautiful thing. A new beginning, he always thought. Today was no exception.

The earlier mist had left everything damp, the loose bark and pine needles covered in moisture. He closed his eyes and returned to the times before when he smelled that aroma, back to a simpler time of no worries, no cares, no responsibility, and most of all no heavy burden of knowing his part in the fight of good versus evil. He knew his station in life, and that was to assist those who kept the darkness from man. He sighed and opened his eyes, smiled when she came out of the cabin.

Still sleepy-eyed, Tina squinted and slid her feet over the wooden porch. She stopped and leaned against a post. “Why are you up? Do you know what time it is?”

He nodded. “Did you forget that I love watching the sunrise here at the lake? I mean, it was the only thing you hated about me when we were 17.”

“I didn’t forget,” she said. The curvaceous woman descended the few steps and made her way to him, her eyes opening more with each step. She slipped onto his lap, wrapped an arm around his neck, and whispered. “I just wish you had stopped this foolishness.” She kissed his cheek and begged him to return to bed.

“After all, you did just saved mankind from a demonic invasion.”
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