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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Thriller/Suspense · #2259651
The point at which everything changes for Trent and his cousin Keith
Everything changes when Trent and Keith finally get to Aunt Diane’s homestead in the Upper Penninsula. Bryant and Maybelle O’Leary (probably will change the name later) were the original owners of this resort turned homestead. The idea was, if Diane and Dale should ever sell, the owner would have to be approved by Bryant. Maybelle is long gone, but Bryant still roams the property. He tells Diane his father and uncle also still roam the property, but they are also long gone.
So what if Diane did not have a choice but to have Trent and Keith come to the homestead?
What if she is being kidnapped, so to speak, and not allowed to leave?
What if, when the boys get there, Bryant holds them hostage as well?
What if Trent tries to be the hero and get out?
What if Bryant finds Trent outside of the property, but then has to get him back within a certain amount of time or great harm will come to all on the property?
What if Trent does not believe Bryant’s story?
What if Bryant has Trent call Diane and she tells him he needs to get back right away.
There is definitely more to this story than I originally planned. There is more to the “fortune awaits!” than even Keith knows. Their Aunt Diane does not, or cannot, tell them the danger in which they will find themselves when they come to the homestead.
There is a barn on the edge of the property. I keep coming back to this barn. The barn is haunted. Perhaps that, now, is where Bryant’s dad and uncle are most often found. They would roam the entire property, but there is something in that barn that keeps them there. They are protecting something. They are protecting a fortune that Dale had heard about and was part of his reason for purchasing the property. He never told anyone about it, so even Diane does not know.
Keith heard, in a local bar, that there was some money or something of value buried on the property, but the locals were a bit hush hush about it and most were scared to even talk about it, let alone even attempt to show Keith where it might be, although it was said that many knew.
There may be a trail of murders that no one wants to talk about and were likely never solved. But they all revolved around the homestead that is now owned by Diane and that she fully plans to hand off to Keith and Trent, just moving away rather than dealing with what is happening there.
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