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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Thriller/Suspense · #2259729
This is the conflict in A Family's Past
Trent and Keith do not believe Diane at first when she tells them there are ghosts on the property. She is old and they attribute it to her age, thinking the cheese is likely slipping off of her cracker. They will experience small things here and there that they cannot explain. But by now the weather has really turned, and escaping, even on a snow machine, is unlikely. Blizzard condition persist for days and visibility is limited to several feet.
Trent finally decides he needs to go explore the barn, where Diane tells them the spirits are living and controlling everything. Keith does not want to go with him, but Trent wants to finally prove to his cousin that he is more worthy, at least at something, and goes alone. This is important to Trent, who feels as though he has always lived in the shadow of his cousin, although the have always been best friends since childhood.
Once Trent and Keith get to Diane’s there is really no turning back. Even if they would have believed her story early on, they likely would not have left. Now that they have been there for a few days and the blizzard conditions have returned, there is really on leaving. They may be able to leave the farm, but they will not get back to town. During times like this, in the country, residents mostly stay home and it is highly unlikely they will find anyone anywhere.
Here is one twist. What they do not realize (nor did I until writing this) that there is another homestead off the back corner of Diane’s homestead. The people who own that homestead probably have something to do with this whole thing. Are they relatives of Bryant? Maybe. That would make sense. Bryant’s brother owned that lot. He and Bryant had a falling out. He knows there is money buried there (or whatever valuables are buried there), but he could never access the land. If he can run Diane and the boys off the land, he can have the land himself. But he does not realize the spirit of Bryant is still roaming the homestead.
This is definitely going to need more work before it makes the most sense, but this makes for a lot of twists that I will have to somehow foreshadow to make them believable.
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