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Writers cramp 10-8 entry Poetry
This white space this fog It blinds my poetic Bliss
Bliss ceases Gibberish flows violently, freely, conquering, bloodying O yee dreaded white space, No mellifluous bliss in this.
Missing all Mellifluousness, Conquer the white space my only Mission.
Mission, objective, sonnet, octet adorned, a mirrored sestet, yet to be alive, still Missing.
Poetic verses, rhythms and rhymes dance through the haze darkening my mind, poetically, heroically.
Heroically, aloud I recite, I pen each stanza, each line, mellifluously mellifluous verse come alive poetically.
Alive not yet complete my Octet, sonnet, mirrored sestet seems to refuses to die.
Die Nay, I say yee white space fog, my rhythms and rhymes struggle to complete til I’s Compete this WDC’s Daily WC

O WC, my Octet complete, mirrored sestet yet to be. Ten Thousand GP’s the prize could be,

Be Glee recites me. You may just win this daily WC.
Ten Thousand gift points I’s shall reap should I win this DailyWC.
WC Daily I write you see. My keyboard, PC I chase the white space, the writers fog, away from me
Not all’s me poetry, nor story I write do I enter into thee. They ring and tickle not my mellifluous spot…
Thoughts flowing poetically bloody the page. The White space has run away from me. This WC entrée is ready to be the number one spot.
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