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A journey from behind bars to in front of stars.
After graduating culinary school, Billie Briggs got a job as a sous chef at Barnaby's, a high end restaurant featuring fine French Cuisine in midtown. It was great gig for a while. Good money fast paced and he was surrounded by the best chefs in area. He learned a lot about his craft, but it was hard work that often went long into the night. Restaurant workers are different breed. They work hard and they play hard, long after the kitchen closes, and the diners have gone home. He got caught up in this lifestyle and it soon took its toll.
Billie's "life in the fast lane" ways finally caught up with him one night and it ended up costing him five years in the penitentiary. He just got caught being in the wrong place with the wrong crowd. While he was incarcerated, he was assigned to the bakery unit due to his background as a cook. He wasn't well versed at baking initially, but he learned it over time, and he found that he really enjoyed baking bread. He experimented with different mixtures of flour water and yeast and became a bread making ninja while serving his sentence.
That was six years ago, and it was time for Billie to turn over a new leaf. Tonight, that was all behind him and he was about to make his big debut. Billie was preparing to step onto the stage, go in front of 3 tough Angel Investors and make his pitch for a cash infusion into his start up bread making business. The show was called Shark Tank. He rolled his cart of assorted bread products and with a balloon in one hand and a bread slice in the other he opened his pitch "Sharks, I am here to pitch a loaf."

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