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Short for Daily Flash
The dragon, perched on the precipice looking out over the kingdom, flexed her wings, thin, leathery, bat like, airing out her body, not feathered like a bird but scaled like a serpent, suggesting a primordial lineage to a time, before the firmament, deep into the ocean where water meets the molten core, and fire and water collide.
She extended her talons, dug them into the ground and launched herself into the air. Casting a shadow over the land sending a reminder to the people that she was watching. The land below was comprised of green rolling hills, deep blue lakes and cliffs of red rock. The people who lived there also lived in fear of the dragon. They were careful to obey her and not trigger her anger. Everyone knew what was expected of them and did what they were told. These flights were daily reminders that the Queen was watching and she was quick to anger.
She was a Fearflyer. Her name was Beldura and her kingdom called Frygt. It was fear that fed her and gave her energy. When she was satiated and overloaded, she would let loose breathing long hot flames into the air. The glowing orange thrust of flame blinded and shook entire kingdom.
What she didn't know however was that the people had been gathering and preparing to fight for their freedom. They would gather in an underground hall and hold a meetings. This went on for a long time. But finally, this day, together they marched directly toward the lair of Beldura to face her and show that they were not afraid. She rose, arched her back and flexed her wings but the stood strong and face her. It weakened her leaving her helpless and paralyzed. She didn't understand because she knew no other way.

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