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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Thriller/Suspense · #2260088
A Family's Past freestyle brainstorming - fixing plot problems through brainstorming
Okay, so Diane is not a horrible person. She thinks, though, that she can get rid of her problems by simply having the boys take over the homestead. If they do this, she can just leave and not have to think about it anymore.
Sadly, Diane has been ignored by the family for the most part. She was old and a bit eccentric, and so was Dale. They had miniature horses for years and treated them like the children they never had.
She thinks the world is out to get her, mostly because of the treatment she had received from her own family. For that reason, she thinks Bernard is after he only.
Maybe she does not even know about Bernard. Maybe she thinks everything that is happening to her is the ghost of Bryant. She would believe that he cursed her originally, when she wound up with the property in a tax delinquency sale.
Bryant may have come back from wherever he was – his mind was not well, and Bryant actually put him away. That’s what happened. He came back for a short time to live with Bryant after finding his property had been sold. He said he would put a curse on Diane and Dale.
Shortly after that is when Dale had a heart attack while driving down the interstate at night, coming back from a client meeting. He was killed instantly when he hit a concrete barrier at 80 mph.
So Diane would definitely feel like there was a curse upon her, just as there was on Dale, or so she thought.
She calls Keith to come and take over the property, thinking that will do away with the curse. It will no longer be on her because she did not own the property and it would not transfer to Keith or Trent because they were not the target of Bryant’s ire.
Keith thinks the old woman is crazy, of course. And he messages Trent right away to go up there with him. Although he does take advantage of Trent sometimes, they have been good friends since they were young. Keith thinks he can get Diane off the land quickly and sell it for good money.
This is how it goes down!
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