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The Trial of Frank Santora

The trial of Frank Santora was approaching completion. The prosecutor Colin Kelleher was cross-examining, " We have four victims of murder who, despite a very thorough investigation, seem to have absolutely no connection to one another, except for the fact that they all owed you money. Are we to believe that this is all just a coincidence?”
" I have no idea. Unfortunately, People who cross me just seem to have the worst luck. I must have a guardian angel or somethin."
“Or maybe you just have some foot soldiers out there doing your dirty work?”
Santora shifted in his chair and leaned forward intently, “You gonna blame me for everything that goes wrong? What if something happened to you or even one of your family members? "
"Are you threatening me, Mr. Santora?"
"Not at all. "
This case wasn’t going well for Kelleher. He had a lot of circumstantial evidence but nothing concrete to tie Santora to the murders because he never did the actual dirty work. He left that up to his henchman and they kept him clean.
One last question, “This morning someone drove by my parents' shop and threw an explosive device through the front window as they were about to open up. Clearly, they were sending a message. Was it one of your guardian angels?”
“Of course not. Maybe someone just didn’t like your mom's cooking. Ever think of that? “
With that statement, Frank Santora finally left a bread crumb with something that was more than circumstantial.
“It’s interesting that you say that Mr. Santora, it certainly doesn’t bode well for your defense.”

Frank Santora looked puzzled by Kelleher’s statement, “Oh yeah? Why is that?”
Keller smiled realizing he finally got the break he needed,” I never told you they owned a restaurant.”

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