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Reminiscing's of A real life poetic story of a spur of the moment road trip back in time.

I’d seen many, many shows. I grew up in the seventies you know, But never a Sixties type hippies freak show. Took us all the day hitching rides. It was the eighties now. Hitchhiking days had passed us by. People full of fear, they did not dear, no longer gave rides, they just waved as they passed us hitchhikers bye

We rolled into town, as the sun was going down. Freaks and Hippies were all around. I’d seen many rock and roll shows, but never one in the sixties time zone. We hitched out of the eighties, into the sixties. Pretty girls with flowers in their hair, Hippies with long hair, psychedelic colored clothing here there and everywhere. The smell of weed heavily filled the air, Guitars, banjo’s, flutes, and singing could be heard everywhere.

I watched intently. The flower painted Bus, all the freaks and hippies, exiting the old rusty school bus. How can this be I pondered. I thought this era was dead she said. So did I said, But don’t tell all these Hippies Freaks and dead heads Because this is great. We have to do this again. I’ve never seen the Grateful Dead. Nor I, she sadly said. More road trips for sure. Let’s do this again. But lets get inside now before this show begins.

It was then I heard the echos of the voices singing in my head. They made me chuckle and grin a smile, at the beautiful Melodic rhythm and style. What’s with the smile she softly said. That song again, It’s ringing in my head. Their singing see that Hippie girl ? She’s never seen this Dead, She’s from Brazil She'd never seen the trees so still.
She'd never seen the trees so still.

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