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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Food/Cooking · #2260182
New version of Sweet Rewards by Satsurou
Special Thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

Page 1

*Panel 1: Practice goes well enough for the past couple of weeks for the Light Music Club of Sakuragaoka High School but then Mugi brings in much more cake than usual to celebrate. Yui: “Yay, Mugi-chan brought so many sweets!” Mio: “It’s certainly a much larger spread.” Ritsu: “No kidding, what’s the occasion?” Mugi: “We’ve been working so hard lately, I figured we earned a little reward.” Azusa is somewhat worried: “That’s true, Mugi-senpai, but this is more than just a little reward.” Panel 2: Yui smiles widely: “That’s what makes it worth it, Azu-nyan!” Mugi: “I’m sure it’ll be fine, Azusa-chan. You did say we should practice more to earn this.” Azusa reluctantly agrees: “Okay…” The girls all go along with it and start eating. *Panel 3: They leave practice fairly satisfied with bellies peeking out from under their shirts. Yui and Ritsu are especially content and pat their bellies (at least those two pat). Ritsu: “Phew, that was awesome!” Yui: “We should do this every day!” The other girls noncommittally agree with slightly nervous smiles, though they all think something different. Azusa: “Maybe this isn’t the best idea...” Mio: “This might get out of control...” Mugi: “At least they’re happy...” A button pops off either Mugi’s shirt or skirt.

Page 2

*Panel 1: Later that night, Azusa joins the Hirasawas and Nodoka for dinner. Nodoka: “So you really think this’ll be good for the club, Yui?” Yui: “Of course, Nodoka-chan! So long as we play, Azu-nyan says we can have all the sweets we want!” Azusa: “That’s not exactly how that works, Yui-senpai...” Ui brings in a tray full of food. Ui: “Hope everyone’s hungry!” Panel 2: The girls’ bellies all rumble, even Azusa and Yui after stuffing themselves not too long ago. Azusa notices Ui has a lot of food even for four people: “Ui-chan, are you sure we need this much?” Ui: “It helps to balance things out with Nee-chan.” Panel 3: The girls dig into the food and Ui talks to Azusa: “It’s great you’ve been helping your club out so much, Azusa-chan. You’re really dedicated, you know.” Azusa: “Just trying to keep everyone on the right track, Ui.” She eats a few bites of dinner. *Panel 4: The girls are full from dinner: Nodoka: “That was great, Ui.” Yui: “She always is!” Azusa sits next to Ui: “I never knew you were such a good cook, Ui-chan...” Ui stays silent and just blushes.

Page 3

Panel 1: The girls look slightly fatter after about a week of extra gorging, their appetites increased by the sugar of the cake. Sawako joins the girls as advisor and wants in on the cake: “You girls don’t mind providing your mentor with some of this cake, do you?” Mugi: “Not at all, Sawako-sensei! There’s plenty for all of us!” Azusa thinks to herself: “I knew Yamanaka-sensei wouldn’t be able to resist.” Panel 2: Yui convinces Nodoka to partake: “Here, Nodoka-chan, you’ll love this one!” Nodoka is only there to settle things with Ritsu: “I’m a little busy, Yui, but I guess I could take a piece.” Azusa thinks: “Nodoka-senpai, too?” Nodoka ends up staying the whole time. *Panel 3: The girls once again leave full and reasonably happy, while other girls notice as they walk by. Ushio Ōta: “The Light Music girls always look like they’re having a good time.” Keiko Iida: “I think they bond a lot over cake.” Panel 4: Nobuyo Nakajima: “Betcha we’d get a bit closer if we bonded that way.” The trio walk off to have some food of their own. *Panel 5: Ushio, Keiko and Nobuyo sit stuffed and satisfied after filling up on burgers, with Eri Taki and Akane Satō looking on. Panel 6: Eri and Akane fill up themselves and giddily bloat their bellies with cola. Mugi watches all of the girls with interest.

Page 4

*Panel 1: The girls look more noticeably fatter after around two weeks with bellies peeking out and blazers and shirts no longer buttoning. They’re seen walking down the halls after another meeting. Other girls have taken notice and are also looking fatter. Panel 2: Azusa: “I still think the chocolate cream cake was a bit too much for today, Mugi-senpai.” Mugi: “But we all loved it. Did you see how Yui-chan’s face lit up?” Yui happily licks her lips and pats her larger belly as a button pops off her skirt. One also pops off Mugi’s skirt. Panel 3: Ritsu gives Mio’s belly a pat: “Mio seemed pretty excited about it, too.” Mio: “Please stop, Ritsu. But you’re right, it was my favorite sweet of the day.” Panel 4: The older girls head off to Mio’s house while Azusa meets up with Ui and Jun. Azusa’s thoughts: “Ui-chan’s gotten fatter, too. Even Jun-chan is kind of chubby now.” Ui: “You still coming to dinner, Azusa-chan?” Azusa: “Sure thing, Ui, but you’ll go easy on the desserts, right? I’m still a little full from the club.” Azusa pats her belly. Panel 5: Jun puts her arm around a nervous Azusa’s shoulders: “But what fun is dinner without dessert?” Azusa’s thoughts: “That’s what I’m afraid of, Jun-chan.” Ui’s thoughts: “I hope my latest recipe will change her mind.”

Page 5

Panel 1: Jun and Azusa stuff themselves with Ui. Jun lays back satisfied, nearly in a food coma with a stuffed belly. Azusa helps Ui clean up: “Thanks again for dinner, Ui. It was delicious.” Ui has a blushing smile on her face: “Of course, Azusa-chan, anytime!” Panel 2: Ui pulls out a torte: “While you’re still here, I was hoping you could taste something for me!” Azusa looks nervous. Her thoughts: “Oh no, more cake. I have to let her down gently.” Her speech: “I don’t know, Ui-chan, like I said, I wanted to cut back on the sweets a little. *Panel 3: Ui puts on a sad, pleading face. Her thoughts: “I hope Nee-chan’s begging tips work.” Her speech: “Pleeease, Azusa-chan? It’s just this one torte...” Panel 4: Azusa smiles nervously as she accepts: “Okay, I’ll try it!” Ui has a slight grin on her face, too. *Panel 5: Azusa happily eats the torte and gives a thumbs up to Ui. Jun notices from the other room: “Hey, Ui, you have any more of those?” Panel 6: Ui fetches a plate with them and the three eat in the living room. She smiles dreamily at Azusa. Her thoughts: “I knew Azusa-chan would love it.” None of the girls notice their bellies expand and pop open their skirts.

Page 6

Throughout the page: It’s been about six weeks since the Light Music Club started altering their practices and their influence has spread to the rest of Sakuragaoka. Various girls are seen around the school, much fatter than before as their appetites grow along with their bodies. Their uniforms can no longer keep up with their growth and continue to get tighter, so regulations are forced to be relaxed. Blazers can’t close anymore, buttons frequently pop off shirts and skirts, skirts are also unzipped, even belly buttons and panties always peek out. Any panel: Ritsu: “C’mon, Mio! I promise you’ll love these brownies!” Mio: “Maybe just one, I do want to save room...” Sawako walks close by, bulging out of her clothes, speaking quietly to herself: “I wouldn’t mind a brownie right now, either.” Another panel: Kimiko gets nervous as her blazer pops open, while Hideko comforts her: “It’s okay, Kimiko, every girl’s bursting a few buttons these days.”

Page 7

*Panel 1: Numerous girls chatting and eating in class, generally enjoying their weight. Akiyo: “I think I’ve gotten as big as Mio.” Yōko disagrees: “No way, I’m hitting Mio’s weight first!” Ritsu snickers as Mio hears this with some confusion. Nobuyo pats her bigger belly after eating: “Phew, that had to be my biggest lunch yet!” Panel 2: Himeko and Yui talk: Himeko: “You HTT girls really get into your music, don’t you?” Yui: “Yeah, and all of Mugi-chan’s sweets!” Himeko: “Looks like it.” Panel 3: Ichigo: “Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to get so big you could roll around everywhere?” Yui looks excited: “Yeah, that’d be super fun!” Himeko: “I don’t get what you mean, Ichigo.” *Panel 4: Mugi looks around the classroom as the others look content. Her thoughts: “Is it really this easy to enjoy being fat?” Panel 5: Mugi wonders this as she observes Eri and Akane guzzling cola: their swelling bellies jiggle and pop buttons. Panel 6: Mugi pats her own belly out of curiosity, watching a button burst off her skirt and its zipper start to move down. “Are the girls really happy this way?”

Page 8

*Panel 1: Azusa talks to Nodoka: “I think things are getting out of hand, Nodoka-senpai. The other girls seem like they care more about sweets again.” Nodoka replies: “True, but you still keep them on schedule. You girls keep improving every day.” Panel 2: Azusa: “And Mugi-senpai keeps ‘rewarding’ us.” Nodoka: “I can’t resist, either, and she’s so generous with them, even for non-members like me.” *Panel 3: Mugi decides to bring in more sweets since they’ve gotten to be such a hit: “Since practices have been going so well, I figured we earned a few extra treats.” Yui is ecstatic and now drooling, Ritsu is excited and even Mio looks intrigued. *Panel 4: Azusa: “Girls, remember, we still have a practice to get to. These cakes are just a part of what we do, you know.” Despite Azusa’s reminder, her belly still rumbles in protest. Panel 5: The girls continue to get hungrier as they play, each of them hoping for something sweet and looking towards the table. Panel 6: The girls with relief, start their tea time: they continue to grow as they eat with their skirts unzipping and popping.

Page 9

Panel 1: After about two months, Sakuragaoka’s apparent fat acceptance is shown to have spread outside the school, with girls and young women getting fatter in the city and beyond. Panel 2: Mugi is at her restaurant. She ended up buying it but works as a server. She muses about her senior Hitomi’s growth and her female coworkers: “We’ve all gotten so big here, but no one seems to mind. They must all love the free meal plan I set up.” Panel 3: Hitomi then approaches Mugi: “Tsumugi-chan, I’ve been able to work out that extension to your meal plan. Your club members are welcome to it now.” Mugi: “That’s wonderful, Hitomi-san, thank you!” *Panel 4: The other club members join Mugi after her shift for some burgers. Azusa talks to Mugi separately as the others eat: “Are you sure about this, Mugi-senpai? Don’t we get enough treats at the club?” Mugi: “I wondered about that too, Azusa-chan, but I realized something not too long ago.” Panel 5: Mugi continues: “Everyone just seemed so happy with the rewards, I couldn’t take that away from them. Or resist giving them more to enjoy.” Azusa is puzzled: “I know I shouldn’t say anything, but you’re not concerned about weight, either?” Mugi blushes: “I was at first, but...”

Page 10

Panel 1: Flash back to two weeks ago: Mugi is at home in her towel, tight bathrobe and underwear having just finished taking a bath, worried about the weight she’s gained: “Is everyone really this happy? It just feels so strange.” Panel 2: She then walks to a box of cake she planned on bringing into the club with her belly rumbling. “That’s the chocolate cream cake we all loved so much. Maybe I could have one piece by myself...” Panel 3: Mugi is taken in by the flavor and recalls the girls enjoying the first day of extra cake. Panel 4: Another bite and she thinks back on how full the girls were after the first practice. Panel 5: Another slice has her seeing the rest of the girls in the school start to fatten up. Each bite brings in another memory and makes Mugi’s belly grow. *Panel 6: Mugi’s bathrobe pops open as she finishes the cake, stuffed and satisfied on the floor. Her thoughts: “Mmm, so blissful...can’t stop...” Panel 7: Back to present: Mugi: “I couldn’t resist and I can’t help but give you girls that feeling as much as possible!” Azusa: “Not the worst argument, I guess...”

Page 11

Panel 1: Mio pipes up as Ui, Jun and Nodoka waddle in: “I guess I’m just as guilty of those indulgences, too. Ritsu’s cooking didn’t make it easy.” Azusa’s thoughts: “Same with Ui’s cooking.” Ritsu: “Can’t say I don’t like to pig out. As long as I can fill up when I want, I’m satisfied.” Panel 2: Azusa: “That’s fine, I suppose? At least you guys are remembering to practice.” Yui: “Are you still going to join us, Azu-nyan? Plenty to go around!” *Panel 3: Azusa and the other girls sit and starts eating as Ui takes special notice of Azusa’s contentment. Panel 4: Nodoka: “Are you sure it’s okay for us to eat here, too, Tsumugi-san? We’re not technically in the club.” Mugi: “No worries, Nodoka-san, I’ll make sure you’re covered.” Jun: “Awesome, thanks, senpai!” Panel 5: Azusa: “Hey, Ui, do you think as long as people enjoy themselves, other things don’t matter as much?” Ui: “Of course, just so long as they try to make each other happy!” Azusa ponders this as she eats.

Page 12

Panel 1: The girls waddle into the clubroom and Azusa surprises everyone: “Girls, I think maybe today we can do something a little different. Mugi-senpai, would you mind taking out the cake?” The others give her strange looks, except Mugi, who complies. “Oh, of course, Azusa-chan.” Panel 2: As Mugi prepares, Ritsu calls out: “Okay, Azusa, what gives? You never want to hold off on practice.” Mio agrees: “True, this isn’t really like you. Yui: “Do you really mean it, Azu-nyan?” Panel 3: Azusa smiles: “I’ve been thinking...Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to just let go for a little bit. But just for today, okay?” *Panel 4: The girls take the time to eat and relax. Ui and Jun peek in and Ui looks on at Azusa.

Page 13

Throughout the page: Two months later: The girls are now fat and round enough that they most often roll around to move, though their gain has leveled off. Yui is especially happy to roll around. They’ve all not only accepted it, but have begun to embrace it. Shirts and blazers are constantly open to show off bras and bellies. Skirts can no longer cover panties that stretch over their rears. A few girls get stuck in doors every now and again: Any panel: Tsukasa and Keiko Sano laugh with embarrassment as this happens to them. Another panel: Hideko happily bursts out of her skirt and watches it fall to the floor: “Hee hee, popped another one!” Nobuyo and Haruko pat their bellies while their own skirts pop off as Kimiko watches with mild amusement.

Page 14

Panel 1: Azusa and Jun notice Ui is sad. Azusa: “Everything okay, Ui-chan?” Ui: “Nee-chan’s going on a trip soon...” Yui is also somewhat sad: “It’s okay, Ui, I’ll only be gone a few days!” Panel 2: Jun: “Right, the class trip.” Ui: “And it’s just me at the house...” Azusa: “It doesn’t have to be.” *Panel 3: The other girls look at Azusa, who says: “I’ll stay with you if you want.” Both sisters: “Really?” Azusa: “Of course, it’s the least I could do for all those dinners.” Panel 4: Jun: “I’ll come, too! More the merrier, right?” Ui perks up: “Oh my gosh, thank you!” Yui: “You girls are the best!” *Panel 5: The sisters envelop Azusa and Jun in a squishy hug. Azusa’s thoughts: “Forgot how soft our hugs are now.” Jun’s thoughts: “Feels like we all turned into marshmallows.”

Page 15

Panel 1: The three girls watch a movie and eat cake that Ui made. Jun is nearly asleep from fullness. Ui: “Jun-chan certainly enjoyed dinner.” Azusa: “I’d say we all did.” Panel 2: Ui: “Thanks again for coming, Azusa-chan. Having you over made me feel a lot better.” Azusa: “I should be thanking you for all these dinners.” Panel 3: Ui: “You really liked them all?” Azusa pats her belly: “I wasn’t sure about having so many, but they were all so delicious.” Panel 4: Azusa: “They helped me get used to getting so big, too.” Ui then gets embarrassed: “A-About that, Azusa-chan, can I talk to you about that?” *Panel 5: Ui and Azusa roll to Ui’s room to talk in private. Ui’s cheeks have turned pink while Azusa looks confused.

Page 16

Panel 1: Azusa: “Everything okay, Ui-chan?” Ui: “I think I owe you an apology, Azusa-chan.” Azusa: “For what?” Panel 2: Ui: “You always looked so happy when you were full, and you do a lot for Nee-chan and the club, so...” Ui trails off and blushes. Azusa: “So you were feeding me?” Panel 3: Ui: “And myself, so you wouldn’t be that upset!” Azusa: “It’s okay, Ui, I’m not mad! But why go through all this?” *Panel 4: Ui anxiously shouts: “I HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON YOU!!!” Azusa is shocked: “WHAAAT?” Panel 5: Jun rolls in, thinking someone’s in trouble: “What’s going on?” She bumps into Ui by accident and Ui falls onto Azusa face first.

Page 17

*Panel 1: Ui’s fall causes her to kiss Azusa by accident with Jun watching and putting her hands over her mouth. Panel 2: Ui’s face goes completely red and she frantically apologizes: “I’MSORRYI’MSORRYI’MSORRYI’MSOSORRYAZUSACHAN!” Jun: “Woah, what happened?” Azusa is dumbstruck for a moment. Panel 3: Ui gets up and tries to leave. Panel 4: Azusa grabs her arm to Ui’s surprise. Panel 5: Cut back to Azusa with an amorous look on her face: “Ui... you didn’t let me respond.” *Panel 6: The girls kiss again with Jun giddily watching.

Page 18

*Panel 1: The girls hang out in their underwear, about to head to sleep. Ui: “Azusa-chan, you’ll be the only one left in the club next year, won’t you?” Azusa: “That’s true, I’m the only junior...” Panel 2: Ui: “How about I join you? I play Nee-chan’s guitar every so often. Keyboards, too!” Azusa: “You’d really do that, Ui-chan?” Panel 3: Jun: “I’ll join, too! Jazz club gave me lots of experience on the bass! I can take over for Mio-senpai!” Azusa: “You sure it’s not just for the sweets, Jun-chan?” *Panel 4: Azusa has a grateful look on her face: “Seriously, you guys, thank you.” Ui and Jun smile.

Page 19

*Panel 1: Girls roll into a packed but expanded auditorium for a special assembly. HTT is set to hold a concert celebrating the school’s fat with a banner reading “FAT IS THE FUTURE” above the stage. Sawako and Nodoka roll onto the stage: Panel 2: Sawako speaks: “Welcome to our special assembly, ladies! It’s been a strange but exciting time for us girls as we’ve grown in so many ways.” Panel 3: Sawako stops speaking as her belt pops off her dress and hits the floor. *Panel 4: Sawako laughs alongside the students as their bodies jiggle and buttons start popping off their uniforms. Panel 5: Nodoka continues: “So to celebrate this unusual change, we present the five girls who’ve become the fattest this school has to offer.” Yui, Mugi, Nobuyo, Himeko and Ichigo roll on stage.

Page 20

Panel 1: Sawako: “Fifth place, at 260 kilos, Ichigo Wakaōji!” Ichigo silently waves to the crowd with a small smile on her face. Panel 2: Nodoka: “Fourth place, at 262 kilos, Himeko Tachibana!” Himeko gently pats her belly with one hand and waves with the other. Panel 3: Sawako: “Third place, at 268 kilos, Yui Hirasawa!” Yui giggles and proudly pats her belly. *Panel 4: Nodoka: “And tied for first place at 272 kilos each, Tsumugi Kotobuki and Nobuyo Nakajima!” Nobuyo smiles proudly and waves, Tsumugi has an embarrassed smile but also waves as their skirts pop open. *Panel 5: Nobuyo, Ichigo and Himeko then roll to the side alongside Nodoka while Mio, Ritsu and Azusa roll on as Sawako introduces the band: “And now, everyone, please welcome Ho-kago Tea Time!” The audience cheers loudly for the band that helped them on their journey into fatness. Panel 6: HTT performs for the school.

Epilogue/Page 21

Panel 1: Next year: Nao and Sumire roll into the club room. Nao: “You excited for practice, Sumire?” Sumire smiles: “Mugi-senpai told me it’s going to be lots of fun!” Panel 2: Azusa, Ui and Jun: “Welcome to Wakaba Girls!” Nao and Sumire smile at the warm welcome. Panel 3: The girls practice for a short time before their bellies rumble. Panel 4: Ui brings in food: “Time for a snack break!” Nao and Sumire lick their lips and pat their bellies in anticipation. Panel 5: The girls pig out, satisfied their band will continue to thrive. END
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