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Halloween poem entry for The Writes Cramp contest due 10/17/2021
Awe Inspiring, Frightening
this sight
Lit up like Christmas
This Halloween night
This Gothic Revival,
Victorian style house
Creepy and Haunted Looking
This eerie sight

It’s Ghostly presence
everyone felt
Not a sole trick-or-treater
dared knock the door
that ole Gothic House
This Halloween night

Blood Curdling screams,
horrific cry's loudly rang out.
Filling the night air,
From an open window
two ghosts they looked and steered,
with Eerie moaning
so everyone would hear

Flickering candles in every window
Jack-O-Lanterns adorned
and illuminated it railing
and Creaky stairs
such an eerie sight with it’s ghostly presence

A Door Slammed
it was Draculas casket lid
it went BAM!
as he bid fair well and good night
the Treak-or-Treaters that night
Retiring to his casket
before daylight
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