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Jack Daniel’s failed Intervention

Sam Adams
Was drinking alone
In the infamous Cosmos Bar,
In Bangkok,
The city of lost angels.

Twenty drinks too sober
He barely noticed
The naked ladies
Dancing on the stage.

On his table
He had a bottle of Jack Daniels
Along with a bottle of Johnny Walker
And five bottles of Singh beer.

Drinking his way to hell
Following the advice
Of the old song

“One bourbon, one scotch
And one beer.”

That played on
In his lonely head,

This was his usual Friday night
Just another pathetic loser
Drinking in the Cosmos bar.

The barmaids
Left him alone
He never paid them
No attention anymore.

He was there
To make love
to his booze bottles,
the booze bottles,
were his only friends.

That night,
About 0 dark hundred
He looked up.

Saw the bottle of Jack Daniels
Had somehow transformed
Into that of a younger version
Of Sam Adams.

The figure announced,
That he was the spirit
Of Jack Daniels
And had a message
For Sam Adams.

It is not my place
To complain
But you are
Drinking a bit too much.

Twenty drinks a night
For the last few weeks,
Don’t you think?

You are so far gone
You don’t even notice
The naked ladies

They and I all want you
To quit
This one-way ride
Down the hell hole.

Put down the bottle
Go home with Khun Lek
Who will help you forget
What you need to forget.

If you continue drinking tonight,
The only destination is death
My friend the Grim Reaper
Has your ticket
Ready for redemption.
So, stop drinking “

Soon the other bottles
In front of him
Started talking to him
Pleading with him
To just stop drinking.

He stared out
Convince he was going mad
The barmaids stared
At the unholy sight,

As the bottles in the room
All came alive,
And began chasing Sam,

Out into the busy street
Where a bus ran him over,
Died on the spot.

Thus ended Sam Adams’s
Last binge
In the city of lost angels.

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