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A story of thrill and romance
         I          WONDER, WHO HE IS?
The creamy colored curtains were drawn apart revealing a beauty in her twenties, wearing black middy with an apron entangled around the waist, she has brown hairs touching her shoulder and beautiful brown eyes, standing near the biggest French window of the city of Milan, allowing her brownish complexion to bathe itself with the rays of the Morning sun. She turns around and starts addressing someone under the quilt, in sarcastic tone ,"Young Madame ,Master is waiting for you at the dinning ,please get up and pay him a visit."Â
There was a shuffling below the quilt, followed by a beautifully chanted voice ,"Dear Martha, don't you know ,waking up someone so early is a crime in father's kingdom."
Martha's voice came again ,"Really Sarah, are you kidding? Please check the time princess. "She stood there tapping her foot and crossing her elbows over her chest.
The shuffling of quilt become more vigor revealing a slim perfect white arm emerging towards the table clock and snatching it from the table to check the time, the quilt revealed a small forehead with brownish shaded hair and half moon sleepy eyes, which became full soon after realizing it was "10 am ?" Sarah shouted ,"Oh my! Martha please prepare the red dress from my wardrobe , am late, I told Alex I will meet him at 12...oh holy shit!!" Sarah got up from the bed and directly jumped into the dressing, tieing her hairs into a neat bun and wearing a shower cap, she flopped into the bathroom, but before closing the door, she peeped, through it ,"you jealous woman! I'm gonna teach you a lesson after I exit." Saying this Sarah sticked her tongue out and closed the bathroom door

"You brat! Just come out and then we'll see. Don't decide the results already."Martha shouted and shook her head and smiled at Sarah's childish behaviour , she then opened Sarah's extravagant wardrobe. It carries brand starting from Gucci to levis, Kelvin clan to Victoria's secret and brandsucker to coco chanel." What she asked for?" She questioned herself,"huh! Ya red dress! But fuck, here's so many red dress." She played her jumble boo game and her finger fell on a levis red one piece, she picked it and after preparing Sarah's order, she went down to report her Master. Sarah and Martha are of same age though Sarah was the only daughter of Jameson Barack, he treated Martha no less than a daughter, Sarah was also very fond of Martha and both were bestfriends. Martha w an orphan, her mother used to work at Sarah's house and soon died and Martha's father was a gambler who was killed for not paying loans and Jameson helped Martha's mother to settle her loans and gave her a job.
Sarah's mother died when she was 5 years old, from then Sarah was Jame's only treasure. He was the Richest buisnessman of Milan and almost the whole Milan was under his control. Sarah was the only princess of his father's huge Kingdom.
"Mr Barack, Young Madame is awake", Martha reported. "Ok cool! Ask that sleepy head to free her evening schedule because we are going to receive important guests today. Ask the servant quarter to work up there lazy butts and yes Martha dear please, you also attend today's guest with Sarah because you're appointed to be her assistant soon after she descends our buisness. Ok then , am off to work."
A voice caught Jameson's attention ,"dad!" and he smirks and turns to find his daughter emerging the stair shouting at him. She was amazingly beautiful, long slender white legs ,waist length hair covered with brown streaks, pink rosy lips and round eyes, as if an angel emerged from heaven, she shouts ,"Dad not fair, your Martha woke me so early and you are already leaving the dinning." With this Sarah pouted
Martha made an oo face and said," I heard, she woke because she was late for her meeting with Young Master of Aitken." Sarah made a long face and said," Dad she's lying. You filthy little woma, you choosed this for me" she pointed at her dress,"I told you, I need to look beautiful, because ale..." she bite her tongue to surpress her voice and looked at her father, who raised a amusing bro at her. She gave and awkward smile, scratching the back of her neck.
"You asked me to prepare a red dress, never mentioned the brand." She replied with victorious grin. Sarah looked at her with eyes evident with disbelief and pouted.
James laughs and says ,"you both stop fighting, come here darling." Giving her daughter a bear hug, he continues, " Honey, free up your schedule, we're going to see important guests for dinner, on buisness criteria and guess what! "James exclaimed excitedly.
"What dad?" She asked settling on her side and with a bored expression.
"You are going to handle this deal".
Sarah stops midair and looks at her father through narrow eyes ,"No dad ,I have other business, see you later."
She was getting up to leave when Jameson makes a dramatic scene by putting his hand on his chest and with pleading eyes he looks at Sarah ,"please baby." Attempting as if his heart pains are back.
"Okay fine dad, stop overacting, I will come." She sighed.
Before leaving Jameson hands Sarah some paper ,"read them thoroughly, so you can take the situation confidently." Sarah only nodded to her father. Then he left kissing Sarah's forehead.
"Hey, ask dun to prepare my Maserati GranCabrio! M gonna take that one." Martha smiled and patted on Sarah's back,"don't worry everything's gonna be alright."
"Hey mother! I know just go, m already late!" Sarah joined her hands sarcastically pleading Martha.
"Hey, I was..." but Sarah started pushing Martha already,"ok ok ! M going." She smiled a d ran off.
"I wonder, who he is, with whom my first buisness deal will take place". Sarah wonders, sitting back on her side.


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