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Why do we gravitate toward certain people?
Bobby the Magician

Bobby was a bully. Even so, I kinda liked him. My dad was a bully, so I was used to it, I guess. I knew that under all that bullying, Bobby was probably a good kid. Another reason I sorta liked him was that he was my only friend.

The first thing he ever said to me was, “I can do magic.”

And boy, could he ever. One time, he pulled a rabbit out of a hat; another time he found a coin behind my right ear; he even turned a red scarf into a white dove!

I kid you not.

The problem was, the longer we knew each other, the meaner he got. His tricks got way meaner. One time he said he had smoke coming out of his ears; when I leaned in to look, he burned me on the arm with a cigarette. Another time, he told me to check out what was inside a box; when I stuck my head in, he pushed my face into a banana cream pie…tasty but mean.

Luckily, I finally made another friend. Jason couldn't do magic, but he wasn’t a bully like Bobby, and he was fun to hang with. We rode bikes and stuff.

So, when I finally had enough of Bobby’s ‘magic’, I knew it was time to say goodbye. On that last day, we met at the basketball court. I wondered what ‘magic trick’ he had planned.

Before he could do anything, I said, “I can do magic, too. I can make myself disappear.”

Bobby said, “No you can’t! Bet you a buck!”

I said, “Abracadabra!”, snapped my fingers, walked off the court, and headed for home.

I didn’t need two bullies in my life, although I coulda used that dollar.
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